Thursday, December 16, 2010



Another bright, sunshiny day in Chiang Rai. There was a little shopping, lunch in town, and two projects we've been waiting for got delivered.

Nothing like an old favorite to bring out the masses. This gem from the 'Summer of Love' is by a powerful trio.
"I'm with you my love, the light's shinin' through on you. Yes, I'm with you my love, it's the morning and just we two.... I've been waiting so long, to be where I'm going, in the __ __ __ __." Hint: Four words about something bright. Hmm.

In an effort to not get caught up in 'last minute' drama we are keeping up with our lists of things to do and get. This morning we went into town for one of those 'blue ice' packs. This is used to keep my margarine cold while we travel. There is a product sold here that contains no soy or milk products. We can't find it in the L.A. area so we bring it with us. The trick is to freeze it, and then pack it in a container with the blue ice pack. It stays cold and fresh until we land. Now you know. While we were in the pharmacy we saw the mother of the baby twins from Connect Cafe. They all have colds and she was trying to get some relief.

We ate lunch at Siam Corner. It's a nice little place behind the hotel where we first lived when we arrived in Thailand. When we sat down, the owner brought us a copy of the Bangkok Post. He remembered that we liked to read it while we waited. The chicken burgers were good.

Earlier in the day we got a call from Ghan, the woman who sews things for us. We hadn't heard from her in a long time and were a little concerned because she was to make a special waist bag for us to take back to the States. It turns out she's been busy working at the 'Pineapple Garden', as she put it. She's been picking and slicing for several weeks, but finally got a chance to work on the bag. We drove out to her place and picked up the bag. When we asked how much she said: "Up to you". She just wanted our friend to be happy with it. That's so Thai. It was also very touching.

This afternoon we got a call from Martin that he'd be done with the catalogue this evening. We just returned from meeting with him and his wife Kay. The final catalogue is a work of art in itself. We were hoping it would be done before they leave for England, and we leave as well. Now there's time for it to be taken to Bangkok for printing. Whew.

I was looking up words in a Thai language translator that I have on my phone. I decided to look up the word for 'ice cream'. The translation read: Ai-sa cream. We couldn't help but laugh. There is another pronunciation that comes out: i cream. Either way, you know what it means. There are so many words that have become part of Thai vocabulary that maintain their original spelling, but sound just a bit different. It makes listening to commercials on the radio fun.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting."
~Karl Wallenda

Gettin' Funky, Thai Style

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