Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday Funnies


We are back in Ching Rai.  The whole trip, from door to door, took 26 hours.  Right now it's all I can do to keep my eyes open.

Since the week was inside out and nobody, except Lisa, sent in an answer to the song, I'm going to let it ride for the weekend.  (Get it?  'Dealer's Choice - Let it ride?)  "...But __ __ __ __, he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.  It's always better than nothing, and nothing at all keeps sending him somewhere back in her long ago where he can still believe there's a place in her life.  Someday, somewhere, she will return..."  Hint:  I gave you some pretty good ones yesterday.  Don't be fooled into believing it's a love song.

This is the first time we have landed in Taipei when the airport was in it's active morning state.  It was interesting to see how busy the place becomes on a weekday.  We had a two hour layover and when we left, around 8am, it looked like a Saturday afternoon at a mall.  There is a long corridor of shops and all of them were humming with activity.  There is a very strong devotion to Hello Kitty at this airport.  There's a play area for kids on one of the busy aisles, and special baby changing room with a custom pay-phone on another.  The photo below was taken from our plane, showing a plane-towing vehicle also paying tribute to the cat with no mouth.

                     Hello Kitty Rocks the Airport

We went through a progression of airplane seats on our journey.  On the first flight we sat in the 'big chairs', as I like to call them.  From Taipei we sat in comfortable, medium size seats.  On the last leg of the trip, from Bangkok to Chiang Rai we experienced what it must have been like for Goldie Locks when she sat in the baby bear's chair.  It's all a matter of perspective.  Before we sat in the 'big chairs', we didn't know so we just accepted that airline seats are cozy.  The more you know, the more you know.

Our welcome home was complete with hot and humid weather, dogs that almost went crazy, and one of our favorite meals for dinner.  We were met at the airport by our dear friend Tye (pronounced Dye, spelled many ways).  At the house, the dogs were in the pen, which gives us control over the hysteria that ensues.  Daku has really been learning not to jump up and behaved like an overexcited gentleman.  BamBam acted like we'd been gone for a year.  Boot and Taht carried our heavy bags upstairs for us.  Taht has been staying in the guest room and we encouraged him to stay there so he can study in a quiet setting.  He likes his new school and that's important.

Mr. Lag just introduced himself and now we're faced with the question of whether to go to sleep at 9pm or force ourselves to stay awake and try to adjust to Thai time.  The head will drop when it has no choice.  Hmm.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.      Here's some 'Funnies' from the archives.



Dickson's Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are
removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes
out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a

One good turn gets most of the blankets.

An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys.

A closed mouth gathers no feet.

It's not hard to meet expenses, they're everywhere.

Jury -- Twelve people who determine which client has the better lawyer.

If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word
you say, talk in your sleep.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012



It's Thursday morning here in Taipei.  We have a few hours before we board another plane and fly to Bangkok.  The time is 7am and we've missed a whole day.  Couldn't get an internet connection at LAX so this is the next best thing.
The 'Easy Monday' song was "Monday Monday" by The Mamas and Papas.  My brain is not in the mood to find a tune for 'Bad Ass Bass' day so I'm making it a 'Dealer's Choice'.  We've messed with this song before, and I guess the bass line is pretty cool:  "He came from somewhere back in her long ago, the sentimental fool don't see, tryin' hard to recreate what had yet to be created, once in her life..."  Hint: It's by a group with a name that shows dubious judgement, in my opinion, but it didn't hurt them in the long run.  Based on the success of this song, they would have been foolish to change it.  (555)

We had a really nice evening with the The Family before leaving.  When we got to the car rental place things started getting weird.  The shuttle takes you to the terminal you're flying from and the driver didn't ask us where we were going.  As the bus pulled up to the International terminal I got up to tell him we needed to stop at EVA.  We were in the right place so I started pulling our big, overweight bags from the rack.  We went to the check-in counter, got an upgrade to 'business class' and were about go to the security line when I realized I'd left my carry-on bag on the bus.  Oh my, panic then calm logic.  I ran outside and straight to a Hertz bus.  The driver radioed the bus we had been on and they had the bag.  I had to run down the escalator to the lower level, get the bag and then dash back upstairs.  Whew.  

We breezed through the TSA business and went to the EVA lounge.  I had phone calls to make and a message to write, but none of the internet connections were cooperating.  A man sitting next to us had the same problems with the WiFi.  I guess I was supposed to just sit and relax.  After all, I was about to sit and relax for 13 hours.  I had to prepare.  (Ha)

                   Night Time in Business Class

One of the nice things about our 'cabin upgrade' is the menu.  There are interesting choices for the meals, and there are snacks anytime you want one.  We stayed with the meals that we could identify and relate to, like chicken with mashed potatoes and spring vegetables.  We skipped the Star Special of Japanese Jelly Fish Salad.  For breakfast we could have had Fermented Bean Curd, Three Color Egg, or Braised Gluten, but went for a more Western collection that was still a little odd.  As we walked away from the airplane we both commented on how much easier the trip seems with more leg room, a larger chair and attentive service.  Oh, for more miles.

We will finally arrive in Chiang Rai at 5:10pm on Thursday (local time)  It's almost a relief to get back to relating to time from the other direction.  When I write this message, from Thailand, I can tell you about the day I just lived knowing you will be reading it on the same day, your time.  When in America I have to change the tenses and relate to certain things in a different time and it hurts my brain.  

In a few days things will be back to normal, whatever that is.  We have a few days of appointments with Mr. Lag, but that will not last forever.

It's been a Wacky Day.


"The best things in life 
are not things."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012



We had perfect weather for our Monday adventure.  We rode a train, played tourist, and started the packing process.

I'm happy to report that the 'Easy Monday' song really was easy.  If you almost know it, there's still time, even though it's not Monday.  And to think, I've already given you a hint.  "__ __, can't trust that day.  __ __, sometimes it just turns out that way.  Oh __ morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be.  Oh __ __, how could you leave and not take me?"  Hint:  Seriously?

Our story left off with a Saturday evening at the home of Bob and Joan.  One of the highlights of being there is just looking at all the beautiful things they have collected on their travels.  South America, Mexico and South East Asia are represented in various forms of artwork and textiles, along with photographs that Bob has taken.  We had a good night's sleep and got up early to head south to Palo Alto for breakfast with Joe.  This is a regular event when we come to visit.  After breakfast we spent time in Joe's studio.  It's always a learning experience and he and Lisa discuss various elements of their art.  Seeing Joe and Eva is always a highlight of our visits.

We had a little time before we had to check in at the airport so we stopped at a shopping center along the highway.  We now have a mental list of things we'd like to have in Thailand if we ever had the chance to ship a container of 'stuff'.  It's a nice fantasy.  Checking in at the airport we inquired about an earlier flight and we were told that we could take one for "a bit more" money.  A bit more turned out to be $100 per person.  We took our scheduled flight.  

When the shuttle bus at LAX dropped us off at Lot C, it hit us that we didn't make a note of where we left the car.  Oh my.  We walked around the giant lot for an hour, looking for our car.  Finally, a driver from the lot called a number that led to the arrival of the Airport Police.  We gave them the plate number of the car and after looking, they called another number that was able to locate the car.  I don't know how they do it, but the parking lot people log every car that stays overnight.  We finally drove off and made a mental note to always write down the location of our car on the back of the ticket.  

My mother came by the house and August played a Chopin piece for her.  

Monday we rode the new Blue Line train with August, Jeff and Anna.  We started at the La Cienega station and rode to the L.A. Live stop.  That's where the Staples Center and the Nokia Theater are the center pieces of what they call L.A. Live.  We had lunch at The Farm, which August and I thought was pretty funny.  We took pictures next to statues and then came home.  It was fun riding the train, seeing parts of the city from a different vantage point.  Eventually, there will be a station a few blocks from where we stay.  That will make it even more fun. 

                            Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live

This is our last day in town for this trip.  We take off a little after midnight for the long flight to Taipei.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


"Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you
help them become what they are capable of becoming."
~Johannn von Goethe

Monday, May 28, 2012



We're back in Culver City, California after an incredible weekend in Northern California.  Busy does not begin to describe the way it went.  It may take a couple of days to tell the tale.  

Well, looks like 'Old School Friday' was a stumper.  Nobody knew "Don't You Just Know It" by Huey 'Piano' Smith.  Never fear, 'Easy Monday' is here.  "__ __, so good to me.  __ __, it was all I hoped it would be.  Oh __ morning __ morning couldn't guarantee, that __ evening you would still be here with me."  Hint: Group named after parental units, has to do with a day of the week.  

Saturday morning we were up early in order to be at the airport in time for our flight to San Jose International.  We thought it might be busy at LAX so we left early.  After the usual practice of leaving the car at 'Lot C' we took the shuttle to the terminal.  That last sentence is important, but it's a story for another day.  We went through the security process and I got 'flagged' for further scrutiny.  I stood in a glass 'cage' for a few minutes and then an agent wiped my hands with a small swab.  I knew what this was about.  It was a test to see if I had any residual bomb-making material on my hands.  Even though it's supposed to be random, it's a little insulting and my only thought was 'Really?'.  

Our flight was on time and we arrived in San Jose without any problems.  We picked up the rental car and proceeded to drive to San Francisco, following directions from our friends Bob and Joan.  They had visited Chiang Rai and they invited us to stay with them on our northern adventure.  We've been to 'The City' many times in the past, but don't really know the place.  It's quiet a sight to drive up the freeway and see all the little houses that cover the hillsides.
Bob gave us a history of SF housing and how it evolved after the big earthquake and fire of 1906.  

The main event of the weekend was the opening of an art exhibit by Lisa's father Joe.    Bob and Joan drove us all to Palo Alto for the opening and we saw another part of the countryside on the way.  There is a huge national park that goes from San Francisco down to Palo Alto and we got to see it from the highway.  So many things to see, so little time.

The gallery was already filled with people when we arrived.  Joe's work is always quite special and this was no exception.  It consisted of 50 years of drawings.  The pieces were all figure drawings from early works to the present.  We saw many people we had met years ago and also made some new connections.  Many of Joe's former art students were there as well as artists he has been friends with for a very long time.  Lisa's brother Dan was also there and that was a special treat.  We hadn't seen him since we visited him and his family in New Zealand four years ago.  It was like a reunion for Joe and it was wonderful to see how the work was received.  Later in the afternoon there was a buffet set up in the printing space of the gallery.  We dined on Chinese food that was from a restaurant that Joe and his wife Eva love to frequent. 

            Lisa, Joe, and Dan at the Exhibit Opening

The drive back to San Francisco was filled with lively conversation.  Dan rode back to town with us and it was great to spend more time with him.  After dropping Dan at his hotel we returned to Bob and Joan's for a quiet evening of more talking about their travels and experiences.  They spent almost three months in South East Asia and had lots to tell.

More on the trip back to Southern California tomorrow. 

Have a Great Week.


"Change and growth take place when
a person has risked himself and dares to
become involved with experimenting with his own life."
Herbert Otto

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Funnies


Friday in L.A. was full of adventure.  I had an early breakfast, Lisa had lunch in the Marina, we shopped, and there was a graduation.  Those are the high points.

The 'Bad Ass Bass' tune was "Bootzilla" by Bootsy's Rubber Band, featuring Bootsy Collins on Bass.  Christopher and Rikke knew it.  Now you know.  For 'Old School Friday', try this:  "I can't lose with the stuff I use (__ __ __ __ __) 
Baby don't believe I wear two left shoes (__ __ __ __ __) Ah, ha, ha, ha (repeat)  Ey eh, oh (repeat) Gooba, gooba, gooba, gooba (repeat) Ah ha ha ha (repeat)...."  Hint:  It's by a guy whose middle name is the instrument he plays.  He also had a song about a rhythmic illness that he contracted.

I had breakfast with my good friend Michael.  We met at Dinah's before the morning rush.  I got an update on his kids, and all facets of his life.  Then we dove into things like world issues and the state of things.  It was a very stimulating morning.  

On the way to the Marina to drop Lisa off for a lunch date I noticed something else of interest.  There are more electric bicycles on the road than the last time we were here.  I've seen some store-bought models and some homemade cycles that clip along pretty quickly.  There's a customized golf cart that really caught my eye.  With the rising cost of gas, more and more people are turning to alternatives and electric is becoming a strong choice.  

In the afternoon we spent some time with Nid, over at Emerald Thai Cuisine.  He's been a dear friend and we always show him pictures from 'home'.  It's been a long time since he's seen Thailand and it gives him joy to see photos.  He enjoys Lisa's art and today he got a big kick out of her cast acrylic prints featuring The King.  

After a very brief nap it was time to get ready for the graduation ceremonies.  C-Bass graduated from St. Monica's High School.  His grandmother and aunt flew down from Northern California for the event.  It was held on the campus of Loyola University and there was a huge crowd.  The last time we went to a graduation was many years ago at Hamilton High.  When the ceremony was over we took pictures of 'the grad' and then went to dinner.  C-Bass picked the restaurant so we had to comply.  It was a store front sushi place that is tiny, but very popular.  Our food was delicious even though we couldn't hear each other talk.

                                 The Graduate

Back at the house, after the graduation dinner, we had cake and C-Bass got congratulation cards.  It's amazing to think that we've known him since birth and now he's a high school graduate.  

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.    Time for the 'Funnies'.


Sayings of the Jewish Buddhist

If there is now self, whose arthritis is this?

Be here now.  Be somewhere else later.  Is that so complicated?

Wherever you go, there you are.  Your luggage is another story.

Accept misfortune as a blessing.  Do not wish for perfect health, or a life without problems.  What would you talk about?

There is no escaping Karma.  In the previous life, you never called, you never wrote, you never visited.  And whose fault it that?

Breath in.  Breath out.  Breath in, Breath out.  Forget this and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems.

Thursday, May 24, 2012



It really was a 'Wacky Wednesday'.  So many things happened that it's hard to keep up.  In the midst of it all, I continue to see new sights in and around town.

So far no one has responded to the 'Bad Ass Bass' tune.  It's a tune about a product that can out-dance Barbie.
"I'm a boogie woogie baby, if you wanna see me boogie, all you gotta do is wind me up.  Baby, don't let him cry.  Don't let that big boy cry.  __ here!  Wind me up!  You got to wind me up.  Won't you?  Wind me up..."  Hint:  If you don't know this one, hints won't help. 

First thing in the morning we went to the pet supply store.  We had to shop for our dogs.  We also picked up a toy for Sutheera's little dogs, and some catnip toys for Chalit's mom's cat.  Pets are big in Thailand.  I guess they're big everywhere.  Going to the supply store here is very interesting.  There are so many amazing products for dogs and cats and their owners.  It made me wonder: Who sits and thinks up some of this stuff?  I also wondered who could afford some of it.  Hmm.  

I used to love to cruise the magazine rack at most book stores.  These days there are not many book stores left.  Today we went to one and while there was a healthy display of magazines, I couldn't bring myself to pay what they were asking.  Some of the things the mags that interested me cost more than a book.  What?  Oh well, just have to learn about things on the internet.  Speaking of that, the L.A. Times has been a source of information for us living 8,000 miles away.  Now they want a subscription fee to read articles online.  

After a few more stops we went to the Marina.  Lisa met with our friend Melissa, a close associate for over 15 years.  I returned to the house to help C-Bass with his online registration at Santa Monica College.  What a wonderful thing to be able to register for school without standing in long lines.  

Mid-afternoon I returned to the Marina to pick Lisa up from her 'tour'.  She had lunch with her former boss, and hung out with friends.  Our next stop was the surfboard shop to get a wetsuit for Lisa.  She found one, and that means that we can both swim, even when the pool is cold.  

Driving around, I've been noticing a lot more small, two-wheeled vehicles.  They remind me of Thailand, with its huge population of motorbikes.  And then there are the Smart cars.  I imagine that it probably takes a bit of adjusting to drive around in a tiny little car with little or no protection.  Maybe there's something I don't know.  

      A Retro Honda with Coordinated Color Scheme in Chiang Rai

The amount of building going on has also captured my interest.  Very large housing projects are happening all over town, and there seems to be a giant parking structure as well.  The big difference between building in America  and Thailand is zoning and placement.  While here there are ordinances that prescribe how close one can build to the street, it is routine to see buildings in Thailand built right up to the edge of the road.  On many streets in Chiang Rai, there is no room to widen the street to increase the traffic flow.  Shop houses are built right up to the edge of the road, sometimes not even leaving room for a sidewalk.  It also leaves no room for high-priced parking meters.  Hmm.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."
~Maya Angelou

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



We had a moderately busy Tuesday here on the Westside.  Our activities included a friendly doctor visit, meals at two different Thai restaurants and a little attempt at shopping.  Homesickness has begun.

That 'Easy Monday' song that so many of you knew was "Stop! In The Name of Love" by The Supremes.  It's Wednesday and that means it's time for some 'Bad Ass Bass'.  This one goes out to Christopher, who is craving some inspired bass playing.  I think this will fill the bill:  "__ here!  The world's only rhinestone rock star doll baby.  I wanna be your toy.  I wanna play for you.  Created by Funk-A-Tech Incorporated, makers of funky things to play with.  Wind me up!"  Clue: The one word title is a play on the bass players name, a being who landed with the Mother Ship.  It's pretty clear as to what it's about.

In the morning I took Lisa to Santa Monica to see our friend Amir, who is an acupuncturist.  She got a tune-up in exchange for a bunch of herbal 'balls' that we brought him.  We don't know what the herbs are, but they are picked in the forest by a man in Chiang Rai and they have healing properties.  I got to see photos of his family and we had a fun visit. 

August had a short schedule at school today so we were to pick him up at 12:15.  We got to the school early so we just hung out in the car, playing solitaire on our respective phones.  A new way to pass the time.

We had one of our 'traditional' lunches at Thai Boom with our friends Paul, Joy and Leilani who is almost three.  She made friends with one of the servers and wanted to know her name.  When she heard that it was 'Apple', she made a joke and decided the other server's name was 'Banana'.  It's always nice to get an update on their lives and share a meal.

In the early evening we had another 'traditional' meal with our good friend Kathie at Emerald Thai.  We always have fun and learn a lot when we get together.  She's building travel web sites and she always has interesting stories to tell about far away places.  We will return to Emerald later this week to sit and talk and share photos of Thailand with our friend Nid, who runs the place.  We've been going there for at least 12 years.  Hmm.

 Somebody's Missing the Pool

It's too soon to start a countdown to our return to Thailand, but we're missing the dogs, the house, the yard, the pool, and Boot's cooking.  I guess that qualifies as becoming homesick.  We're really enjoying ourselves, seeing all the people we can fit into the time frame, but it will be good to get back.  Maybe you should visit us.  (555)

Feels like a Wacky Wednesday.


"Like a stone dropped into a lake,
our acts of kindness can create a ripple effect.
The long-term effects may be unknown to us,
but the ripples of one wave creating another and another,
to forever impact - that is a definite fact.
Make your ripples today."
~Susan Fahncke

Tuesday, May 22, 2012



The weather on the Westside was a lot cooler today.  I didn't pack for this so you'll have to turn up the heat a bit.  

This really was an 'Easy Monday' song judging by the responses.  It's a Golden Oldie with a sound that ruled the airwaves for a time.  "I've know of your, your secluded nights.  I've even seen her, maybe once or twice.  But is her sweet expression worth more than my love and affection?  But this time before you leave my arms, and rush off to her charms... __! __ __ __ __ __, before you break my heart... Think it over."  Hint:  (555) (Hahaha)  

This morning we met with our dear friend Blue at a Starbuck's.  We saw him at the birthday party but didn't get a chance to really talk.  His son Ming is graduating from Stanford next month.  We talked about many things, laughed a lot, and I enjoyed watching the coffee-shop subculture.  

I went from the Starbuck's meeting to a lunch date with my good friend Seth.  He has a reoccurring role on 'Weeds' and just finished another episode.  We always have insightful conversations when we get a chance to spend some time talking.  

We tried to take a nap this afternoon but it wasn't in the cards.  Between mental distractions and outside noise it just wasn't happening, but just resting is good sometimes.

                           Nap Time in the Market

This evening we drove out to Hidden Hills to spend some time with Cousin Martha and her daughters.  Since we were in Thailand when the memorial service for Joel was held, we wanted to visit with them and talk about how everyone is doing.  It was a very touching evening, learning about how the girls were coping and how Martha dealt with all that happened.  Knowing how strong they are in the face of his passing is a comfort.  

I have noticed more and more small motorcycles and scooters on the streets of L.A.  Before you know it you'll be riding around on little motorbikes like the rest of the world.  Considering the price of gas, can it be that far in the future?  The big difference will be the number of passengers.  I'm sure that no more than two on a bike will be allowed.  There is a law stating that in Thailand, but it's still possible to see between three to five on a bike.  It's also a bit odd to see pick-up trucks here with no people riding in the beds.  At home we commonly see from two to fifteen in the back of a pick-up, with many standing, their faces to the wind.  I guess safety comes slowly in the evolution of a country.  Hmm.

Have a Happy Tuesday


"The game of life is a game of boomerangs.
Our thoughts, deeds, and words
return to us sooner or later,
with astounding accuracy."
~Florence Scovel Shinn

Monday, May 21, 2012



The word from Chiang Rai is rain.  Here in California it's cool nights and mornings and sunny days that are almost warm.
Saturday was truly a day to remember, and Sunday we recuperated.  

The 'Old School' song was "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis.  'Easy Monday' should bring back a few memories.  Even if there are no memories, it's one you should know:  "Baby, baby I'm aware of where you go each time you leave my door.  I watch you walk down the street, knowing your other love you'll meet.  But this time, before you run to her leaving me alone and hurt (think it over)  After I've been good to you, (think it over)  after I've been sweet to you.  __! __ __ __ __ __ before you break my heart...."  Hint:  Three 'girls' from the motor city who rocked the world. 

Saturday was the big day of celebration.  It began in early afternoon with a family reunion in honor of my mother's 90th birthday.  There were cousins from Oakland, San Diego, San Bernardino, and the local area.  Someone pointed out that there were possibly five generations present.  I didn't know some of my younger cousins since we haven't had such a gathering in many years.  We would get the news of a birth, but never met the baby until they were grown up.  My mother was delighted with the whole thing.  So much so that she even allowed her picture to be taken.  There were little ones swimming in the pool, stories being told and the family tree research by Cousin Conley got lots of discussion.  It was a wonderful afternoon full of love and new connections.

        The Honoree: Regenia (Jean) Payne Moses

My brother Denny and his wife Sheila drove my mom from Altadena to L.A. for the family party.  They left early to set up at the church in Pasadena where the evening celebration was to be held.  Lisa and I took my mom back to Altadena and we all changed for the evening.  When we arrived at the church, many guests were already there.  The room was arranged with round tables and seating for 80.  By the time it was over we had exceeded that.  The turnout was amazing.  Denny and I MC'd the proceedings and guests were invited to share how my mother had touched their lives.  It was a virtual 'Love Fest'.  We heard many stories of how she was a role model to so many in the community, the many ways she has been of service through the years not only as a teacher/administrator with the school system, but as a friend.  One of the 'speakers' was a former student who has been my mother's hair dresser for many years.  A dear friend of the family remembered meeting my mother in 1939.  He also let us know he was older that she is, which brought down the house.  I saw people I haven't seen in over 35 or 40 years.  Many of the cousins came to the evening party and I think my mom was very proud to have them present for her 'community' friends to see the family she's so proud of.  Our friend Blue took photos and from the preview he sent, he got some moving candids and portraits of the evening.  Denny made a slide-show of photos collected from various family members and it was a highlight of the evening.  After all the festivities, the guests couldn't wait to get their hands on the beautiful cake created by 
The Cake Divas.  Yum.

Sunday we were drained.  The day took a lot of physical and emotional energy, but it was well worth it.  We now move into our second full week on the continent.  There will be meetings, a breakfast, lunches, dinners and a graduation ceremony.  

Have a Great Week.


"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning."
~Louis L'Amour

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Funnies


There was a change in the weather today.  Cool air blew in from somewhere and caught us off guard.  We visited another 'necessary feature' of SoCal this morning, spent the early afternoon in the Marina, and dined on Thai food in the evening.

The 'Bad Ass Bass' tune was "Paperback Writer" by The Beatles.  Time for another episode of 'Old School Friday'.
"Well, since my baby left me, I've found a new place to dwell.  It's down at the end of lonely street at  __ __.  I'll be so lonely, well I'm so lonely, I feel so lonely, I could die."

              A Sign on the Super Highway in Chiang Rai

In the morning we went to Ross, which is always on our list of places to go when we're in town.  Lisa got some really cool things and I resisted temptation.  They always have interesting things in the discount section, but it hit me today that they are products that didn't sell in other stores for reasons that might not be obvious.  

I took Lisa to the Marina for a lunch date with our friend Claire and then went back to Culver City to pick up August from school.  Because of testing he's only going to school half days.  Then I went back to the Marina for lunch.  Later we met our friend Richard and had coffee and lots of conversation.  We left when Mr. Lag tapped us on the shoulder.

As the sun went down and the air got cool, we met with Karen Jo, Sandy and Kenwood for dinner at Thai Boom.  The three of them visited us in Chiang Rai a year and a half ago and we had a fun time.  It was a reunion of sorts.  We talked about travel, food, and Thailand.  We had a good dinner and laughed a lot.  What could be better?

We rounded out the day by listening to August practice some Chopin he's working on for a piano recital.  It's always a pleasure to watch and listen to him play, even when he's in the 'getting comfortable' stage with a piece.   

Saturday is the big day.  Two parties celebrating one incredible birthday.  I can't wait to see all the family and friends from northern and southern California, people from my childhood, and all the folks in my mom's busy life.  It's going to be quite an occasion. 

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.     Here come the 'Funnies'.


Answering Machines 

"Hi! John's answering machine is broken.  This is his refrigerator.  Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your message on myself with one of these magnets."

"Hello. This is Ron's answering machine, Marvin, and I'm so depressed.  I have 50,000 times the memory capacity of my owner, but all I get to do is answer the phone.  Life.  Don't talk to me about life.  Just leave your name and number after the beep.  Here comes the beep, how I hate that beep, it's so cheery sounding."