Wednesday, December 31, 2014



What began as a cloudy day turned into rain by late afternoon.  Where’s my sunny Southern California?  More important, will it rain on ‘my’ parade.  Please say no.

The ‘Easy Monday’ tune was “What A Fool Believes” by The Doobie Brothers.  Last seasonal ‘Zany Day’ song is:
“Everybody pauses and stares at me.  These two teeth are gone as you can see.  I don’t know just who to blame for this catastrophe!  But my one wish on Christmas Eve is as plain as it can be.  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ….”  Clue:  He wants back what is missing, that’s all.

It goes without saying that it’s cold here.  The afternoon rain yesterday was very different than the rain in Chiang Rai.  It was cold rain.  When it rains in Chiang Rai, it’s warm and that makes a big difference.  Of course, there is the advantage of just having a downpour as opposed to a monsoon with sideways rain.  Hmm.

After sleeping late we drove up to Brentwood to have lunch at Enzo & Angela’s, an Italian restaurant that I would highly recommend.  We met our friend Richard and had a delightful time.  

A few days ago we were driving on Duquesne Ave., where we lived for over 30 years.  At the duplex where we lived we planted a maple tree.  Today that tiny little sapling stands as a magnificent memory of another time.
Today’s photo is The Maple.

Hey, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Have fun and be careful.  Just think, it’s already 2015 on the other side of the world.

It must be Wacky Wednesday.


“I would rather have a mind 
opened by wonder than one
closed by belief.”

Tuesday, December 30, 2014



This is probably the latest I’ve sent this out, but I have an 'excuse from home'.  Our two days in the north were productive and busy.  The flight home was very late.

Here’s a little more of the ‘Easy Monday’ song.  “But __ __ __ __ he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away, what seems to be, is always better than nothing.  There’s nothing at all but __ __ __ __ he sees."

Our various food/visit gatherings were all quality time with people we miss.  I suppose that is the essence of what these trips are about.  

This trip we used the GPS in the car a lot and it was a mixed blessing.  Most of the time ‘she’ got it right and kept us on track.  Sunday night ‘she’ lied about our location.  It turns out that 30 feet from our destination was actually one block and we had to get back in the car and drive because it was too cold to walk.  (555)

Still marveling at the work that Joe is producing in his studio.  Beautiful, brilliant, and inspiring are a few words that come to mind.  

Our lunch with Trudye, Eunice and Skip (the cousins) was one of the best yet.  We shared lots of information, laughter, and great food at an Italian restaurant in San Leandro.  On our ride to San Jose we stopped at two different shopping centers.  One was totally Latino and the other all Chinese.  We had no idea there were such intensely populated areas in that part of the state.  In San Jose I asked for directions to the airport and an older man gave us very good, specific guidance that took us to a tiny little local airport with nothing but private planes.  It’s what he knew in his world.  Amazing.

Dinner with the Athas family was lots of fun.  Another Italian spot that made me a special meal that was very tasty.  

Our plane was delayed, and delayed.  The van to the parking garage took forever and we didn’t get to the house until midnight.  That’s over 2 hours later than it was supposed to be.  San Jose airport is very much like Chiang Rai.  One must wait for a plane from another flight to arrive before you can leave.  If it’s late, you’re late.  Such is the plight of the modern traveler.  Oh well.

The one consolation in San Jose can be seen in today’s photo.  This gentleman played, non-stop, providing a bit of tranquility to the weary travelers.  His repertoire of classical music seemed endless.

Have a Happy Tuesday.  Stay warm.


“A mind that is stretched
by new experiences can never
go back to it’s old dimensions.”
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Monday, December 29, 2014



It was a cold weekend here in California.  If you live in a warm place, please let me know where you are.  I just might come visit.  They tell us it’s cold in Chiang Rai as well.

The ‘Old School Friday’ song was “Please Come Home For Christmas” by Charles Brown.  Click the link to listen:   Now it’s time for ‘Easy Monday’, and a song you surely know.
“He came from somewhere back in her long ago.  The sentimental fool didn’t see, trying hard to recreate what had yet to be created, once in her life.  She musters a smile for his nostalgic tale, never coming near what he wanted to say, only to realize it never really was…. __ __ __ __, he sees….”  Clue:  Sometimes the mind plays tricks.

Here’s a question for everyone.  What happened to the first ‘R’ in the word ’Temperature’?  With all the cold weather, we’ve been watching the news, trying to keep up with what’s happening.  All of the TV weather people say ’Tempature’.  

Over the weekend we babysat Peaches and Lola, the little dogs that The Karp family belongs to (555).  They stayed with us because it was so cold.  Even though they both have their own beds, today’s photo shows just how cold it was.

Saturday we had lunch with Paul, Joy and Leilani.  It’s amazing how much a child can grow in six months, and how much older Leilani seems.  During the conversation about what I cannot eat, she chimed in and asked, ‘But what CAN he eat’?  So grown.  What I ended up eating was not very tasty.  I had steamed vegetables and chicken, with literally no seasoning.  If this is any indication of what lies ahead, it may be bye-bye to our favorite Thai restaurants for awhile.    

On a positive note, it turns out that I can successfully eat at Italian restaurants because they use a lot of olive oil.  The idea came from the dish that Anna made for me last week.  

Sunday morning we went to LAX for our flight to Northern California.  The place was packed with travelers and we were right in the thick of it.  After longs lines to check in, and a slight delay in departure, we flew to San Jose Airport.  When we went to pick up our rental car we got a little surprise.  It was an older model of a Toyota Corolla.  I drew this conclusion due to the fact that it had no remote door locks, and 14K miles.  It’s the first time in years that I’ve actually had to put a key in the door handle to get in a car.  Hmm, spoiled by this modern age?  The car runs fine and the heater works.  I guess that’s all that really matters.

We are staying at the Zen Motel in Palo Alto, and we had a funny thing happen.  I turned on the TV and the DirectTV was not connected.  When I tried to call the desk, the phone didn’t work.  My first comment was, ‘There is no phone or TV, just an illusion.’  Things got fixed and the heater works (555)

Dinner in Menlo Park was great.  We met Lisa’s father Joe, her step-mother Eva, and step-sister Karen Jo at an Italian restaurant they frequent.  The owner came to the table so I could make my dinner request.  They made me grilled chicken with mixed veggies, a baked potato, and a beet/orange salad.  All of it was wonderful.  Now I know what and how to order the next time.  Whew.

Tomorrow morning we have adventures with Joe, meaning breakfast, a visit to the art supply store, and time in his studio looking at his latest works.  Then it’s off to Oakland for lunch with my cousins, then dinner in San Jose with good friends, and the flight back to L.A.  It will be a busy day.

Have a Great Week.


“Listen to your own voice,
your own soul.  Too many people 
listen to the noise of the world
instead of themselves.”
~Leon Brown

Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Funnies


Before I forget, here are the numbers if you’d like to reach us while we’re in town.

Lisa’s phone:  (310) 227-2351   Danny’s phone: (310) 494-1179

Looks like this week’s ‘Zany Day’ song was a hit.  “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” has lots of fans.  Now it’s time for an ‘Old School Friday’ tune that should bring back memories for some.  It still sounds good.
“Bells will be ringing the glad, glad news.  Oh, what a Christmas to have the blues.  My baby’s gone, I have no friends to wish me greetings once again.  Choirs will be singing ‘Silent Night’ Christmas carols by candlelight.  
__ __ __ __ __, __ __ __ __ __.  If not for Christmas, then by New Years night.”  Clue:  Singer wants to spend the holidays with the one that left him.  So sad.

We drove out to Altadena in the afternoon and spent some time with my mom, and then the three of us went back to L.A. to a party for cousins and friends.  There were about four generations represented. We met some third/fourth cousins that we didn’t know.  The kids were in one room and the adults in another.  Just as we got settled, Mr. Lag dropped by and requested our presence.  

Our first official supermarket visit proved to offer more stuff than we can't eat.  Aisle after aisle of things I can’t have made it go quickly.  I saw many things that I might have put in the cart in the past, but this time just reminded myself of the consequences and moved on.  We had no idea that nuts were so expensive.  When we converted prices to Baht it made us realize that things really cost less over there.  Hmm.

Today’s photo was taken in Altadena outside my Mom’s house.  There was a big wind the night before and the air was clear and beautiful.

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.     Hang on for the ‘Funnies’.


Thursday, December 25, 2014



Wednesday was a busy day.  We had a special morning with the Karp family, went to lunch at a Thai restaurant,  had Christmas dinner with the family in Pasadena, followed by a gift exchange at my mom’s in Altadena.  Oh, and Mr. Lag is in the house.

I guess everyone is busy, so it’s OK if no one responded to the song.  Just for fun, here’s a little more:
“Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, ‘__ with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?’  Then all the reindeer loved him, as they shouted out with glee. ' __ __ __-__ __ you’ll go down in history’.”  Hint:  Hmm, I think you know who it is.

It’s actually late on Wednesday night as I write this.  My eyelids are heavy and I suspect I’ll be sleeping soon.

Our host family, The Karps, are leaving for Northern Calif. on Christmas day so we had our traditional morning event on the day before.  There was lots of laughter and merriment as we opened gifts and watched Anna try to get the dogs to pose for photos with their new toys.  ‘The Boys’ are young men now, but it’s still a fun time.   C-Bass suggested a Thai place he’s been to so we all went there for lunch.  It was interesting to see how they had changed the names of some dishes for the benefit of their Western clientele.  I managed to find something on the menu that I could eat, though it didn’t have that familiar flavor due to my new ‘diet’.  Another odd thing was the music.  They were playing music more fit for a rave than food digestion.  It created a strange vibe with thumping bass interrupting conversation.  Oh well, the company was the main thing.

I have some distant cousins from the east that are in town and they joined us for our Pasadena family dinner.  There were eleven of us at the table, at a French restaurant in Old Town Pasadena.  It’s always a happy time when we all get together.  After dinner everyone met at my mom’s for desserts and presents.  It was the first time we’d seen our nephew Gavin in a few years and that was really cool.  They live in Colorado and they don’t think it’s cold here.  Hmm, I guess not.  It’s cold to me.  

I get a kick out of watching the ‘Night before Christmas’ activities of parents as they roll new bikes into houses, or bring home things from a neighbor’s house before the dawn comes and the kids wake up. 

Today’s photo was sent to us by Blue.  Normally, a Tuk-Tuk has only one seat behind the driver, so this is truly a ‘Stretched Tuk-Tuk.  It was on display at MBK (Mah Boon Krong shopping center in BKK!)  Enjoy.

I wish you all a ‘Happy, Merry’ whatever you celebrate.


“Judge nothing, you will be happy.
Forgive everything, you will be happier.
Love everything, you will be happiest.”
~Sri Chinmoy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014



It looks like we’ve made it through the first day with no dramatic visits from Mr. Lag.  We went out into the world and realized so much had changed.  

The ‘Easy Monday’ on Tuesday song was “I Can’t Help Myself” by The Four Tops.  ‘Zany Day’ is an easy Holiday tune.  “__ __ __-__ __, has a very shiny nose.  And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows…”  Hint:  It’s about a magical creature.  

The funny thing about returning to the states is that most of my observations are things that most of you already know about.  Since it’s really about the contrasts, I will press on.  For instance, when we parked the car on a busy street, there was no parking lady to collect our 12 Baht.  Instead, we had to go to a machine, tell it our space number, and insert coins into the machine.  We paid the machine twice as much for a limited time, rather than ‘as long as you need’.

I will never complain about the traffic in our little city again.  There are so many cars and they basically move in such an organized, civil way that it was like we had been delivered to ‘polite land’.  I started imagining how it would be if the driving habits from Chiang Rai were transported to the West Side.  There would be sheer chaos, with cars turning left in front of you, not stopping at stop signs, turning corners without stopping, and driving the wrong way down the street.  Oh, and let’s not forget the motorbikes gathering at the front as the cars wait for the green light, or the bikes that leave on the red, knowing the light will change soon.  Hmm, how do we do it?

One of our ‘trips’ was to the Sprouts store, where there is a lot of ‘healthy’ food.  As soon as we walked in we went to the bread section, looking for real rye bread.  Imagine my reaction when I had to walk past the holiday cookies, cupcakes and muffins in order to reach the bread.  Pure cruelty I tell you.  A deep breath and it passed.  

We had dinner with most of the Karp family.  C-Bass was out with friends, but our dinner was great.  Anna made a dish that I could eat, consisting of spaghetti squash and ground turkey in tomato sauce.  That’s a recipe we will be taking home.  During dinner we started coming up with more ideas for meals and treats to replace the things I like to snack on.  Life just might not end after all (555).

Today’s photo was probably not meant to be funny, but to the Western mind that’s old enough to get it, it’s very funny.  There is a code on the ticket that reads: ETKT.  Translation:  E-Ticket.  There were moments when it was that kind of ride.

It’s gonna be a Wacky Wednesday.


“Do not get upset with people 
or situations, both are powerless
without your reaction.”

Tuesday, December 23, 2014



We are now getting settled in our cozy little spot in Culver City.  More about what it took to get there after the song.

Since we missed a day, this week’s ‘Easy Monday’ song will be a tune I’m sure everyone knows.  At least I hope so.
“Sugar-pie honey-bunch, you that I love you.  __ __ __ __, I love you and nobody else…”  Hint:  Four guys from Detroit who have no control. 

Tonight, as the plane made its approach to LAX, the lights were dazzling.  Especially the freeways in their bumper to bumper streams of white light on one side and red on the other.  Like peppermint ribbons winding through the landscape.  The fog near the coast played tricks with my eyes, making it look like there was open space when I knew something should be there.  

One hour passed from deplaning to our exiting Border Control and baggage.  When we arrived at our rental car we met a new challenge.  How do you start a car with no key?  There was no place to put the supplied key and a quick look in the manual was confusing.  I finally remembered a car we got years ago that had this ‘modern’ feature.  Step on the brake and push the start button.  How simple, yet so complex.  It may take a day or so to learn to use all the controls.  Things are a lot simpler in Thailand.  Oh, and it’s nice to have a heater in the car.

Tomorrow will be filled with such exciting things as opening a pile of mail, wrapping gifts, getting our phones working, and finding things for me to eat.  We will also be awaiting the arrival of Mr. Lag (555).

Today’s photo is another memory from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok (now you know why I used BKK).  It’s one of many floral displays on the long walkways between terminals.  This one is all orchids.

Have a Happy Tuesday. 


‎"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. 
The sleeper must awaken” 
~Frank Herbert

Monday, December 22, 2014



We’re sitting in the Taipei airport, with not much time before our flight to the states.  We got a 30 minute foot massage in Bangkok that was right on time.  The journey is pleasant so far, except the eating thing.  Lisa made me some little rye/honey sandwiches that are delicious.  Apple and banana are becoming my best friends on the trip, along with mint tea.  

No song today.  Some of you owe me for Friday anyway (555).

Now we are about to begin the 13 hour voyage across the ocean.  Just think, at one time it took months to do what we’re about to do in half a day.  

Today’s photo shows the holiday invasion in the BKK airport.

Have a Great Week.


“Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man’s 
character, give him power.”
~Abraham Lincoln

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Funnies


The air was a little warmer this morning, though still cold for Chiang Rai.  This morning we got a surprise with the early arrival of a house guest.

The ‘Zany Day’ tune was “Santa Baby’ by Eartha Kitt in 1953.  ‘Old School Friday’ is next and it’s also old (555).
“You know I can be found, sitting home all alone.  If you can’t come around, at least please telephone.  __ __ __ to a heart that’s true.”  Hint:  Has to do with the opposite of being kind.  Sung by a king in his slender days.

Some of you may remember Khun Tatt, the student who spent his senior high school year with us.  He’s been in college for two years now and we’ve stayed in touch.  We were expecting him tomorrow for a week stay, but he showed up this morning just as were started exercising the dogs.  He and Daku were very close when Tatt stayed with us, so this morning was a real treat for Daku.  When he spotted Tatt he went into his super excited mode.  He calmed down enough to do his morning running, keeping an eye on his long lost friend.  In the afternoon they played on the front lawn and Daku is tired but happy.  Since Tatt tutored Cat they already know each other.  They will do some fun things this weekend and next week Tatt will attend a meeting at Maefahluang University, and a party at his old high school.  

Blue’s room looks out on the banana tree.  He has been observing a turf war between two kinds of birds.  One group would come to the tree and then the other gang would chase them off.  Apparently they had a summit and now the birds share the banana bunch, each staying on the opposite side from the other.  Hmm.  Today’s photos show both sets of birds on the ripening bunch of fruit.

We went to the Night Bazaar tonight for some final shopping.  The place was very crowded, which is a good thing. One of our vendor friends was very happy about how things have picked up for her and her husband.  Visitors were carrying bags, our indicator that Baht is changing hands.  When you only have three months a year with lots of traffic, it’s important that sales are made to carry the rest of the year.  

Tomorrow we’ll take Tatt to Art Bridge, and in the evening he and Cat will go to Walking Street.  It’s getting to be that time when the suitcases start getting stuffed.  Oh my, it’s happening again.

You will hear from me on Monday from the lounge in Taipei, Taiwan during our stop-over.  

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.     On to the ‘Funnies’ and a little Holiday Humor.


Thursday, December 18, 2014



Last night (Wednesday) was the coldest night yet.  We had to break out the quilt, which is not tropical bedding.  All around town there are jackets and warm coats for sale by the roadside.  

The ‘Zany Day’ song should have been a snap.  It’s a letter to Santa, but the toys are all expensive.  Here’s more:
“__ __, a 54 convertible too, light blue.  I’ll wait up for you dear, __ __, so hurry down the chimney tonight.”
Clue:  The singer of the original recording once played Cat Woman.  

Today’s morning adventure took place at Central Plaza Mall.  There is a Top’s Market on the lower level and it carries products from America and Europe.  It’s a good place to find quality veggies, turkey this time of year, as well as lots of Thai products.  We stocked up on turkey, since they will be gone when we return in January.  It’s so weird to walk by sections where I would have stopped and put something in the cart.  Normally, when we leave Top’s I go to the woman who sells mango and sticky rice, for a treat to take home.  Not any more.  

In Thailand there are three main telephone carriers for cell service.  I have a different carrier than Lisa, Cat and Blue.  There are different charges when calling another network.  I decided to join their network, DTac, with the understanding that I could keep my number.  Today, after sitting at both carriers, I finally got the process started and in three days, I should be on their network.  There is also better internet access and that's more relevant with the new phone with the bigger screen.   If only things were this easy where we are headed.  Hmm.

Right now it’s 8pm and the temp is at 58F.  It’s going to get colder as the night progresses.  I can put on another layer of warmth, another blanket and be comfortable.  There are those who do not have this luxury and they are in my thoughts.  Some of the artists at Art Bridge got involved in a warm clothes/blanket collection for the Chiang Rai area.  We never know how one garment might get someone through the night.

In a never ending quest to keep you aware of happenings in Thai culture, I offer today’s photo of a special event at Central Festival Mall in Chiang Mai.  The photo shows kids climbing on a big, inflated ship that belongs to The Salads.  The Salads are characters in a learning adventure for children and they are all vegetables.  Not the children, but The Salads.  On stage, there was a dancing celery, broccoli, and I think there was a carrot.  The kids were totally into it, screaming and cheering.  Now I have to see if I can find one of their cartoons.  (555)

The countdown has begun.  The journey begins on our Monday morning and ends on your Monday night.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love.”
~Lao Tzu

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



The morning weather cocktail had a new ingredient today: wind.  So, we had cold, cloudy, and windy.  Fog lost it’s place due to the wind.  Even with the appearance of the sun through the clouds, it was still cold all day.

The ‘Easy Monday’ song was “I’m Only Sleeping” by The Beatles.  This time of year we get to play with holiday songs with a ‘Zany Day’ twist.  Here’s an annual favorite:  “__ __, slip a sable under the tree, for me.  Been an awful good girl, __ __, so hurry down the chimney tonight.  Hint:  Sung in a very sultry manner by a very sultry singer.  

Today we went into town to get bread.  Usually it’s only one stop, but today we also went back to Aye’s to pick up my rye bread.  I guess with a little raw honey, it will be my replacement for cookies.  While we were out, Blue remembered a restaurant that we didn’t have on our list of places to eat.  On our return trip to town we had lunch at the Golden Triangle and lunch was great for all of us.  

The photo for today was taken at Doi Chaang Coffee.  I have seen these devices before, but the cold air has caused many riders to put them on their motorbikes.  I don’t know what they call them, but they would certainly keep the hands out of the cold wind and also keep them dry in the rain.

Things have quieted down around here.  The concerts across the river ended last night and the silence is wonderful.  When Cat told us how many nights it would last I didn’t see how that could be.  It’s interesting that events like fairs and concerts keep going during the week.  We don’t know if there was much of a crowd, but it just seems odd to have a carnival on a school night.  Hmm.

Cat was supposed to have a badminton test at school today but the wind cancelled the play.  The birdies kept flying away.  The school doesn’t have a gymnasium, so any activity has to be done outside.  

Daku gave one of the big suitcases a good sniffing when it arrived in the bedroom this evening.  He’s still pretty calm, but once it’s open and in the packing position I’m sure his anxiety level will rise.  We’ve done this for many years so he knows what’s going to happen.  It’s a pattern he doesn’t like.  

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
~Lao Tzu

Happy Holidays from Danny & Lisa

Tuesday, December 16, 2014



This morning we woke up to fog and cold.  Hmm, I wonder if this is going to be the boring forecast of the week.  I sure hope not.  By mid-day it was in the low 80s, so it’s not like the weather is dreary all day.  Time to start collecting all our warm clothes for our trip to California.  

This week’s ‘Easy Monday’ song must have caught some of you napping.  It’s an easy one from the fab four.
“Everybody seems to think I’m lazy, I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy.  Running everywhere at such a speed, till they find there’s no need (There’s no need).  Please don’t spoil my day, I’m miles away, and after all __ __ __."
Clue:  What are you doing if you’re not awake?  Hmm.

Many years ago a mentor of mine cautioned me about allowing events to be a ‘big deal’.  A few were allowed, but for the most part, ‘big deals’ will keep raising the bar.  Well, I’m not saying it’s a big deal, but I have to change my diet, which includes eliminating many things I suppose I’ve become emotionally attached to, like pie, coffee, sugar, grains, many fruits, and the list goes on.  It seems I have a syndrome that has been causing my stomach aches and the only way to heal is to abstain.  Oh my.  The timing could not be worse.  Coming to California during the holiday season, well, you can fill in the blanks on that one.

With my new diet I can eat rye bread, so we went downtown to Aye’s deli to order some.  Then we went to lunch at their restaurant.  Figuring out what to eat has become a different adventure.  The simplest thing to do is order mixed vegetables and chicken with no sugar or soy oil.  So far so good.  The flight on EVA Airlines will be a separate chapter in this saga.  

Yesterday we were invited to tour a work in progress not far from our house.  Our friends from Doi Chaang Coffee are building a coffee shop/restaurant/antique gallery on a large piece of land by the river.  They have lived there for many years and there are over 200 different kinds of trees.  It’s like a private forest that feels like you’re miles away from town.  We can’t wait to see the finished product.  Today’s photo is a view of the river through the trees.

Time for Wacky Wednesday.


“It doesn’t matter if the glass
is half empty or half full…
Be grateful that you have a glass
and there is something in it.”

Monday, December 15, 2014



There is major news from Chiang Rai:  The weather has changed.  Last night was very cold, and this morning was cold and foggy.  I think that thing they call winter may be here.  

The ‘Old School Friday’ song was “Sha-Boom” by The Chords.  Nice that some of you remembered.  You can hear it here:  It’s time for ‘Easy Monday’ and a song that works for me (5).  “When I wake up early in the morning, lift my head, I’m still yawning.  When I’m in the middle of a dream, stay in bed, float upstream (float upstream).  Please don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me, leave me where I am, __ __ __.”  Hint:  Though the song is sometimes in my mind, I still have to get up and take the dog out.  

The trip to Chiang Mai started out with the usual routine.  After 45 minutes through beautiful mountains we stopped for pie.  During the last hour of the trip the traffic got heavy and came to a stop.  Cars started going on the wrong side of the road to beat the traffic and they created a new line of stopped cars.  We finally crept up close enough to see that a big truck and trailer had turned over in a curve, spilling a big load of sand on the road.  We watched as a small tractor pushed the sand off the road and eventually they let the cars pass.

One of the sights on the highway that made the trip interesting for me was all the young bikers on their way to a big campout.  We have seen this before, but this time I knew more about where they were going.  There is a little motorcycle sub-culture that has a love affair with the old Honda Dream motorcycle.  They fix them up, modify the engines, and come together for a weekend of music, camping and fun.  Another sight that caught our eyes and cameras was the number of pick-up trucks with oversized loads.  Some were filled with harvest by-products, and some were filled with the actual harvest, like the one in the photo for today.  Blue caught this load that was leaning like it wanted to fall off.  

In Chiang Mai we visited our chiropractor and got a few things straightened out.  Then it was off to the music store where we got two small keyboards for making music on our computers.  This weekend we rode in a pick-up truck, a taxi, and a Tuk-Tuk.  In some parts of town the traffic was even more intense due to High Season.  There are a lot of visitors, but not as many in the past.  This seems to be the case all over Thailand.  

Sunday morning we returned to Chiang Rai and realized, once again, why we live here.  We received a frenzied welcome from the dogs and that’s always nice.  Cat was also happy we were home, since she spent the night in the house with just Daku for company.  We learned that Cat has a face she can make at BamBam that stops her barking.  Hmm, I should learn to make that face.  

Have a Great Week.


“A moment of patience in
a moment of anger saves a
thousand moments of regret.”

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Funnies


The weather in Chiang Rai is (blah blah please don't fall asleep) the same.  The nights are cool with a 100% chance of music from across the river for the next three days.

The 'Zany Day' song was "Get A Job" by The Silhouettes.  I want to thank my friend Barry for sending this link:  The time has come for another 'Old School Friday' episode.  
"Oh, life could be a dream (__-__) if I could take you up in paradise up above (__-__).  If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love, life could be a dream sweetheart (Hello hello again, __-__ and hopin' we'll meet again..."  Clue:  The title is more of a sound than real words.  This R&B classic has a pinch of jazz for good measure.  Fun song.

Our morning adventure involved a trip to HomePro.  The mission was to find a pressure washing machine to clean the terrazzo on our back deck.  Terrazzo is made up of tiny little rocks and that means there are tiny little places for dirt and soot to collect.  Once we found the department with the power stuff we were given a demonstration.  The fun began when we tried to get help with hose couplings.  It finally happened and we left with a pretty cool machine that Boot's brother will use on Sunday.  One of the nice things about HomePro is the customer service.  As we walked through the store, staff members were standing in front of each department, waiting to help customers.  They all greeted us with a smile, even though we weren't asking for anything.  Hmm.

It's ironic that we will leave Chiang Rai just as the temperatures begin to drop, and arrive in So. California to cold nights and cool days.  Oh yeah, it's winter time.  I did get a little practice in putting on layers so it should be a snap.  That old question of what to take has been answered in one word: warm.

Today's photo was not taken by me, but is just a fun image from here in Thailand.  It shows the sense of humor that some folks have.

Thailand is one of the fastest growing countries when it comes to the use of the internet, and the third biggest user of Facebook.  The real question could be, how is it being used?  It just hit me that many shop workers use the internet all day to pass the time watching movies on Youtube, playing on Facebook, and gaming.  Of course, there are many that use it for research, communication, and business.  

This afternoon we got a little sun after lunch and as the heat got intense I thought about the heavy rains on the west coast.  We'll take a little of that if you don't mind.

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.       On to the 'Funnies'.


Thursday, December 11, 2014



The weather story continues to loop; life goes on.  As we prepare for our trip to the states, I find myself pondering all the things I'll miss for three weeks.  I like my life.

This week's 'Zany Day' tune seems to be a mystery to most of you.  Here's the bridge and last verse.   
"And when I get the paper, I read it through and through.  And my girl never fails to say if there is any work for me.  When I get back to the house, I hear that woman's mouth, preaching and a-crying, tell me that I'm lying 'bout a job that I never could find.  Sha na na na, sha na na na na na....."  Hint:  Really?  Three words and one of them is in the last verse. 

Today our van got it's first registration renewal.  Not like getting a birthday cake.  The process at the motor vehicle place was quick and easy.  As we were walking back to the van we both realized we forgot to look for the mythical 'guy by the door' who supposedly takes driving license tests.  (555)  

The main event of the day was this evening.  First, we all went to dinner with Eric and Brenda, our new friends at the Condotel.  Then the six of us went to Art Bridge for the opening of 'A Tribute To Tawan Duchanee'.  Tawan passed 100 days ago and as it the custom here, there is a commemoration.  Since he was like the 'Godfather' to many of the artists in Chiang Rai, all of the Art Bridge artists were invited to create an art piece that reflected what he meant to them or an influence he had on them.  When we arrived, the proceedings were in progress.  The parking lot was used as the auditorium and it was full.  Considering that 280 artists were in the exhibit, it made sense that a lot of people would be there.  There were the usual speeches, music, and dancers, but it moved along and some of it was fascinating.  Finally the gallery was opened and we went inside.  The artists in charge of hanging the show did an incredible job of displaying the work and not making it seem too crowded.  To be a part of this exhibit is an honor for many of the artists who sat at the feet of Tawan.  He helped many artists, supported the arts financially, and, as a national artist, raised the visibility of Chiang Rai as a center of creativity.  Lisa has a beautiful piece in the exhibit.

Today's photo shows the setting this evening at Art Bridge, part of the huge crowd listening to the monk talk about the importance of art in Chiang Rai and what it has done for the region.  Inside, you can see a few of the larger paintings of Tawan.

We're hoping all of our friends and relatives in Northern California stay warm and dry.  California weather is something we keep track of these days.  Hmm, I wonder why?

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it,
or who said it, not even if I have said it,
unless it agrees with your own reason
and you own common sense."