Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funnies


We spent most of this hot, sunny day at the house.  I was busy hanging this, and fixing that.  We had a visit from friends, and I drove out to the country in the afternoon.

Nobody knew the 'Zany Day' song.  I guess I'll have to find easier songs.  This one was "Alley Oop" by The Hollywood Argyles.  Actually, it was one guy with a 4-track.  On to 'Old School Friday' and something that may not be true Old School, but it's old.  "Ooh, I bet you're wondering how I knew, 'bout your plans to make me blue with some other guy that you knew before.  Between the two of us guys you know I love you more.  It took me by surprise I must say, when I found out yesterday.  Don't you know that __ __ __ __ __ __..."  Hint: Late 60s motor-city hit, inspired by a section of highway in California.  The artist in question also wanted to know what's goin' on.  Hmm.

There's nothing like having an event to motivate one to get a few things in order.  When we bought our new mailbox it looked just like the original we put up four years ago.  When I went to hang the new one on the wall I discovered that the brackets were in a different position, which meant rethinking the process.  I keep a stash of concrete nails and they came in handy.  Now we have a new box, and also a new 'King' flag on the front wall.  

The pool guys came today to replace the worn out sand in the filter.  We wish we had known that it will take a few days for the water to clear after the change.  Now it looks like we're going to have a cloudy pool for the party on Sunday.  Oh well, at least by next week the water will be clean and clear and swimming can resume.

Our friend Lisa and her little son Jack came by this morning.  While Lisa and Lisa were talking, Boot took Jack outside to walk around.  Jack discovered the long pool cleaning pole with the net on the end.  When I looked out he was walking back and forth with the pole in the water.  He later told us he was fishing.  I love his imagination.

This afternoon I drove out to New Life.  On my way I saw sheep, goats, and a couple of bulls.  I managed to get a photo of the two bulls because they were rather large. 

                        That's a lot of Bull

Tomorrow morning we will go to Central Plaza to renew our visas.  It's so nice that the immigration officials come to town once a month.  It saves the drive to Mae Sai, which takes about 45 minutes each way.  We have stacks of paper for them to stamp and mark up.  It should be a routine encounter since we've done this a few times.

Sunday we will celebrate our 5th anniversary of living in Chiang Rai.  Rain or shine, we're having a party and it's looking like it will be fun.  This weekend also marks the return of Formula One racing.  This week they're in Belgium.  

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.     Now it's time for a visual 'Funny'.


Thursday, August 30, 2012



Today was a mix of sun and rain, banking and dog play, coffee with a friend and some work around the house.  

The 'Zany Day' song has apparently stumped all of you.  I didn't mean for that to happen.  I really hope you know this:
"He rides through the jungle tearin' limbs offa trees (__ __), knockin' great big monstahs dead on their knees (__ __).  The cats don't bug him cuz they know bettah (__ __), cuz he's a mean motah scootah and a bad go-gettah..."
Hint:  The title is the name of a make-believe character from prehistoric times.  

This morning we went to the bank.  We are assembling various documents for our visa renewal on Saturday morning and the bank is part of the mix.  Just as we got to the bank I ran into an old friend from our early Chiang Rai days.  It was Supat, a driver we rode all over town with, looking for a rental house.  He's the guy who found the house we lived in back in 2007.  It was a nice surprise and reminded me of the history we have here.  

Every time we go to the bank I have to chuckle when I hear the automated voice connected to the counter service.  When a teller is available the voice says the number of the window and the last words sound like 'candy counter'.

There is a parking lot behind the vegetable market and it costs the usual 4 Baht to park.  Today the guy who collects the money was enjoying the slow morning by playing his guitar on the back of a truck.  We didn't see him until we were leaving, but Lisa managed to get this photo of him.  You can't see his face because he's wearing a full mask.  Keeps the dust and smoke away.  (Also looks a little mysterious)

                         Parking Lot Guy

After our downtown adventures our friend Shannon met us at our house and we went to the new coffee house in our neighborhood.  Good coffee, good conversations and a final farewell.

This afternoon I coated the new mailbox with weather-proofing.  We also hung and rehung many of Lisa's cast acrylic prints.  The house is now like a gallery.  There are still more to show but we'll have to rotate them.  

After dinner Gary came by with some chairs for the party on Sunday.  We didn't know he was bringing Jago with him. When the gate opened and Daku saw the truck he got all excited.  Gary said that when Jago saw our front gate he also got excited.  While we unloaded the chairs and talked, the two dogs had a great time running and playing. 

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher."
~Oprah Winfrey

Gettin' Funky, Thai Style 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Our Wednesday was a combination of odd little adventures on the streets of Chiang Rai, a freak cloudburst, and a warm visit with friends.

There was no holding you back from knowing that the 'Easy Monday' song was "Careless Whisper" by George Michael. That means it's time for another 'Zany Day' song.  "There's a man in the funny papers we all know, he lived 'way back a long time ago.  He don't eat nothin' but bearcat stew.  Well this cat's name is a __ __."  Clue:  He may have been a neighbor of the Flintstones.  

This morning while Lisa was getting a massage I hosted the lighting guy.  We had one light that needed a socket change and another that was new, but just wouldn't work.  Of course, the new light fixture worked when he took the bulb out and put it back.  I hate when that happens.  The kitchen light was in need of legitimate repair.  Somewhere along the way, when the house was being built, we were given inferior sockets for our overhead fixtures.  I have lost count as to how many have been replaced.  It's frustrating but fortunately not expensive.  

The pool guys came and did their routine work as well.  They're coming back on Friday to replace the sand in our filter.  I learn a lot when things need fixing.  When the sand is new each grain has sharp edges and those edges are what help to filter the water.  As water passes through the sand eventually those edges become dull and the filtration is not as fine.  That was the quick version as to why we need new sand.  Theoretically, the water will soon be crystal clear again.

We normally like to avoid going into town and doing too much driving around after 3:30pm since the traffic builds up.
Today we had to go downtown at that time.  It wasn't bad, but then we decided to go further south into town to get some coffee.  The drive to Mummys was not too bad.  They had the bags of coffee, but no grinder.  We left without coffee and went on an adventure.  Right about the time we turned off the main street due to backed up traffic, I coined a new term.  The late afternoon is 'The Hiding Time' since it's not a good time to be out on the street.  

As we drove across town we got rained on for about 5 minutes and then it was over.  Our destination was Bliss Studio to visit our friends Chalit and Amber.  We were just going for a brief stop but ended up staying and having a full visit.  His mom has been making earrings and gave Lisa a couple of pairs.  She gave me a mobile of a face.  

By the time we left the studio it was getting near dinner time.  I took a new alternate route that ended in the main market.  Every day from 4pm until after dark there is a steady stream of cars and motorbikes going through the area to buy food for dinner.  The vendors are about three deep from the curb, which narrows the street.  We hadn't seen it in a long time and it was quite a sight.  The photo below shows a very small range of choices:  Flowers, meat, or fruit.  The choice and risk are up to you.

                         Afternoon Market 

It must be Wacky Wednesday.


"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."
~E. E. Cummings 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Chiang Rai had rain over night, but today was a beautiful dry day.  We went to the dentist and the art supply store.  Such a busy day.  Oh, and we planted a flowering plant that will climb the wall.

It looks as though the 'Easy Monday' song is really easy.  Lots of responses.  Here's a bit more just in case:
"Time can never mend the __ __ of a good friend.  To the heart and mind ignorance is kind.  There's no comfort in the truth, pain is all you'll find.   I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm.  Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're not a fool...."  Hint:  The singer has two first names and at times he's been rather careless.  Hmm.

This morning we showed up for our teeth cleaning appointments.  We got there early and then sat and waited.  Dr. Oy is very nice and we both left her chair with shiny, clean teeth.  Fortunately, we don't have to go back for any procedures.  Yea.  On our way out of the hospital we stopped by to see our nurse friend Pay.  Next week she is going to help us get some tests done just to make sure we are as healthy as we feel.  She works in what is called the 'Treatment Room'.  They deal with drawing blood, and handling emergencies.  It's been very busy at the hospital lately, lots of flu and colds.  I am still fascinated by the way whole families come when someone is ill.  You might see three generations waiting with one person.  It's nice to see that kind of caring.  

We went to the main art supply store for a few things.  We had to park around the corner, by the Clock Tower.  As we walked we counted four coffee shops at the big intersection.  All of them seem to be doing well.  At the store our friend Supaluk told us she was going to come to our party on Sunday.  She asked if there would be other Thai people there.  She doesn't speak English.  Lisa assured her there would be plenty of Thais there.  

The concept of recycling is slowly taking hold here in the North.  Some collectors specialize in one item, like cardboard.  I see trucks stacked with collapsed boxes making stops at various locations.  They use a scale to weigh the cardboard and I guess they get paid to take it away.  Then there are the 'I'll take anything' guys who load up with whatever will bring a price at the center.  Below is one such collector.  You will notice that he's not particular about what he will load on his trailer.

                                     Recycle Guy

This evening we planted a small flowering bush that caught Lisa's eye at the garden center.  When it fills out a bit I'll post a photo.  It will be a nice splash of pink among the yellow flowers that are already lining the wall.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


"If you want a kinder world, then behave with kindness; if
you want a peaceful world, make peace within."
~Dan Millman

Monday, August 27, 2012



The weather in Chiang Rai was a mixed bag over the weekend.  Saturday morning it began to rain in the late morning and by late afternoon there was a beautiful sky.  Over the weekend we had several meetings, a play date, and a farewell dinner.  

That 'Old School Friday' song seemed to slip by most of you.  It was The Drifters singing "Up On The Roof".   The time has come for another episode of 'Easy Monday'.  This 'Easy' one is from 1984 so a lot of you should be sending me messages.  "I feel so unsure, as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor.  As the music dies, something in your eyes, calls to mind a silver screen and all those sad goodbyes.  I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm..."  Clue:  Title is in two words, making reference to something spoken in a breathy tone in close proximity.

Saturday morning we woke up to cloudy skies.  Just after I picked Lisa up from an appointment the rain came hard.  It was as if someone opened a giant faucet.  When we reach our house it was just a drizzle.  A little later it caught up with us and the yard got a good drenching.  We ended up with an evening that must have made the Walking Street crowd very happy.

In the afternoon we had a meeting with our friend Natty and a friend of hers who is involved with tourism in Chiang Rai.  We discussed marketing ideas for some T-shirt designs Lisa has drawn.  It was a very productive meeting and more will be revealed in the future.

We had one more meeting in the downtown area and our day would be complete.  We met with Martin, a graphic designer, who does the layouts for Lisa art exhibit invitations and catalogues.  They worked on changes for the Bangkok exhibit.  

Sunday morning we (the dogs) had a play date with Jago.  He and Gary came over on their motorbike.  The dogs had lots of fun running around and Jago is getting better at chasing the ball and bringing it back.  Here's a pic of our biker friends.

                                Jago and Friend

In the evening we had a farewell dinner with our friend Shannon.  She has been working with The Sold Project for 8 months here in Thailand and will be leaving this weekend.  During dinner we learned that most of the project is now being handled by a local staff.  Most of the Sold volunteers and workers that we've met leave with a desire to return.  Amazing Thailand.  We also learned about another program that is very important.  It's called  and I hope you'll click the link and read all about it.

Have a Great Week.


"And the day came when the risk
to remain tight in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took to blossom."
~Anais Nin

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Funnies


Last night's deluge didn't really end until mid-morning.  The day has been cloudy with occasional sunshine.  Or, partly sunny and partly cloudy.  It's been a mellow Friday, hanging around the house.  

The 'Zany Day' song was "Western Movies" by The Olympics.  At least two people got it.  'Old School Friday' is really not that ole, by 'Old' standards but in deference to the 'youngsters', I've moved up in time.  Oh, it's still Old (555).
"When this old world starts getting me down, and people are just too much for me to face.  I climb way up to the top of the stairs and all my cares just drift right into space... And if this world starts getting you down there's room enough for two __ __ __ __."  Hint:  This 1963 hit is about a place of sanctuary, sung by a group that yearned to be on Broadway.

The dogs didn't get their run this morning due to the rain.  Even if the rain had stopped they still would not have had much fun in the marshland that was the front lawn.  Daku has designated me as his escort to the yard and every time he wants to go out he comes to me and grabs at me with his left paw.  If he goes and gets a toy and comes back then I know exactly what he wants.  He makes sure I follow him down the stairs and to the back door.  He has become very cooperative when it comes to going out on the leash in the rain.  If the boy wasn't tethered he'd be out there eating grass or looking for some mischief to get into.  With the leash he's very docile and in the rain that makes a difference.

This afternoon I went out to New Life for a session with the residents.  Every week I get to take notice of the progress of different building projects, the state of various farms, and the local businesses.  Here in Thailand it's very easy to open a business.  You just get a space and put things in it and you are in business.  Even if that space is on the side of the road, or in front of an existing business.  There doesn't seem to be the need for permits or inspections, just do it.  I've been noticing 'mobile kitchens' by many of the construction sites.  A motorbike with a stove on a sidecar frame can serve up meals anywhere.   

Today's photo is the Meditation center recently completed at New Life Foundation.  It was built using bricks made from mud and straw.  The roof is made from leaves that are placed in such a way that it is water-proof and will last for several years.  It's a round building with an open interior and stays cooler than the outside air.  The whole thing was built by volunteers and residents of the center.

            Meditation Center @ New Life Foundation

Tomorrow Lisa will meet with our friend Martin to start the reworking of her catalog for her November art exhibit in Bangkok.  The gallery is getting a fresh coat of paint and things are being set in motion for the promotion of the event later in the year.  

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.    Now it's time for the 'Funnies'.


Gettin' Funky, Thai Style 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love & Compassion


The weather pattern continues here in Chiang Rai.  Last nights storm was a heavy one, but today was bright and warm. We've heard grumblings of thunder in the distance, but so far it's dry.  I spent the morning at Big C and the veggie market.  

I may have gone way back for this one, but some of you knew it.  It's a fun song about early TV.  Here's a bit more:
"I call my baby on the telephone to tell her half my head was gone.  I just got hit by a great big brick, she says 'thanks for reminding me it's time for Maverick'.  Ah um, my baby loves __ __, my baby love __ __..."  Clue:  If you look at the titles of the shows his 'baby' is watching you will see a trend.  

When I took the dogs out this morning I could tell how hard it had rained by the 'water line' around part of the yard. There are always grass clippings that float up to the surface when the lawn floods.  Last night was a big one.  The dogs did their best on the soggy lawn, but it's not the same fun.  BamBam got a 'time out' for bad behavior.  She has never really understood the concept of play.  She has her good days, but is often distracted by the slightest thing and will not return with the ball.  She just romps off to investigate a moving leaf or a lizard, or to chase birds.  All this with the ball in her mouth.  Daku is a dedicated player.  If he's in the mood, he will fetch and return the ball over and over until he's tired.  Then he wants to play catch.  Today he did pretty good.

I made a solo run to Big C since Lisa was a little under the weather.  With a moderate shopping list and managed to find most of the things.  Since the highway is so chaotic these days it's easier to go to Big C than Macro.  My next stop was the vegetable market and that's always fun.  I don't know what it is, but seeing all the activity and the different vendors tending to their produce is a fascinating thing.  Many of them have the same vegetables, but from different farms.  There are some who have great bell peppers, but ugly greens.  Over time you begin to know who to go to for which item.  

I stopped by the fruit lady to see if she had any mangos but they seem to be out of season.  After picking up a bunch of flowers to add some sunshine to Lisa's day, I headed out of the complex of flowers, fruits, and vegetables and as I turned the corner I saw a photo opportunity that caused me to park the car.  Thai people love their pets and dogs are major pet players here.  Dogs are very adaptable animals and here in Thailand you will see them riding on the floorboards of motorbikes, sitting on the back of the seat, just like they are human.  Today's dog takes the cake. 

                                  Biker Dog

We read an article in the Chiang Rai Times about a conference of teachers that will be held on Monday at Maefarluang University.  Over 2000 teachers (4000 people if you include families) will be involved and the impact on traffic in Chiang Rai will be intense.  We have some alternate routes, but apparently some of them will be staying at a major hotel not far from us, and many will be scattered about town in smaller hotels.  I think staying at home sounds like a plan.  It's good for Chiang Rai and its small businesses.  This is just a taste of what is to come.  As more government sponsored meetings and conferences are held here, the awareness of what a wonderful place it is will bring even more visitors.  It's becoming a 'Boom Town'.  

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Love and compassion are the true religions to me,
but to develop this, you do not need any religion."
~His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Wednesday, August 22, 2012



I am thrilled to report that we had a day without rain.  The night is young and it could still happen I suppose, but the daylight hours were bright and warm.  I had a massage, and toured the back streets of the village.

The 'Easy Monday' song that so many of you remembered was "The Tracks Of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.  I hope you're ready for another 'Zany Day' song.  "To save my soul I can't get a date.  Baby's got it turned on channel eight.  Now Wyatt Earp and the Big Cheyenne, they're comin' through the TV shootin' up the land.  Ah um, my baby loves __ __, my baby loves __ __, bam, bam, shoot'em up pow..."  Hint: Something 'as seen on TV' by a group named after something recently seen on TV.

Late last night we heard the sound of fireworks nearby.  At one point I saw a lantern going up into the sky with fireworks streaming down from the tail.  It was all a part of the funeral down the road.  

This morning on my way to my massage I noticed barriers along the side of the road.  There was also a man with a semi-official vest and it was a clue that there might be a street closure.  I made a mental note for the return home.  At the massage it seemed as though Khun Joy had gotten over her move to the new location.  Her 'Power Hands' were back and she was digging deeply into places that had been getting a gentle touch over the last few weeks.  Ouch.  She would laugh and then try to explain why it hurt.  That didn't help what I felt, but at least there was a reason.  

As I crossed the pink bridge toward home I tried to look ahead to see if my road was open.  It was not so I drove to the next little street, thinking I'd take that and circle around.  It was also blocked and that meant I was now traveling into unknown territory.  I got to see a lot of my distant neighbors, the people and houses of Namlat village.  I knew the direction I needed to be in and slowly got to a main road.  One of the sights I saw was the ark.  I have to go back and take a proper picture, but it is indeed a giant ark.  I don't know it's purpose or who built it, but somebody knows and I'll find out.  Later in the morning I looked out to see what was happening at the funeral house and I saw the top of a large house-like structure sitting on a flatbed truck.  This would be used to take the casket to the crematorium.  A procession usually follows with musicians in pick-up trucks, people walking or riding in cars.  The first time we saw one of these processions was in 2001 on a country road.  There was a wagon carrying the casket and the whole village was walking behind it.  Quite a moving tribute.

An afternoon swim in the sunshine gave no clue of what would happen this evening.  As I write this the sky has opened and I'm listening to the sound of heavy rain and thunder with BamBam by my side.  Since our new paving stone project is finished, let it rain.  Here is a photo of our new improvement.

                               No More Mud!

It's gonna be a Wacky Wednesday.


"You deserve peace, you deserve happiness...
Helping yourself is the first condition for helping the other."
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



The rain is running true to form this week.  Last night we had a big storm, and this afternoon more of the same.  When it's not raining it's really beautiful here, just a little soggy.  

So, it looks like I'm doing better at keeping the easy in 'Easy Monday'.  A lot of you knew the song.  Here's more:
"Since you left me if you see me with another girl, seeming like I'm having fun, although she may be cute she's just a substitute because you're the permanent one.  So take a good look at my face...."  Clue: Title in 5 words about a cryin' man.

This morning the dogs were in a strange mood when we took them out to play.  Part of it was due to the rain and how it takes away some of the scents they look for.  There is also the possibility that 'the cat' had been in the yard after the rain.  BamBam was doing some serious sniffing in a few areas, with her body in 'hunter mode'.  

We showed up at Overbrook hospital for our dental appointments, checked in and had our vitals taken.  Then we sat for almost half an hour.  It turns out we are supposed to go next Tuesday, not today.  Oh well, chalk it up to another Chiang Rai adventure.  It's always a bit entertaining/interesting just sitting in the waiting area.  

When we left the hospital we were looking for something to do.  Our friend Atom had told us about a fairly new coffee house that she really enjoyed.  It's in our area, which is a little unusual, so we called for directions.  We found the spot and it's a few minutes north of us in a neighborhood.  It's run by a young American woman and two Thai women and has an early '70s vibe.  We hung out and talked to Kendra, the American owner.  She's been in Chiang Rai for almost 5 years and works for a foundation in Ban Du that takes care of children and women with HIV.  The coffee was good, the couches comfortable, and since it's close to home, we just may be going there instead of always traveling into town.  

This afternoon we started watching a program about the evolution of the dog.  Of course this meant that there were lots of dog sounds.  This woke Daku up from his nap and he started watching.  Since he didn't get his full nap today he'll probably sleep well tonight.  Hmm, he always does anyway.

Every time we are out in the street we see something that says 'Take my picture'.  Today I present what we have dubbed 'The Bamboo Cowboy'.  I think it speaks for itself.

                             The Bamboo Cowboy

Tonight the sky is clear.  I can see all the stars and it's been a long time since I could say that.  In the stillness of the starry night I could hear a monk chanting at a funeral gathering down the road.  Amazing Thailand.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


"As we express our gratitude,
we must never forget that the highest appreciation
is not to utter words, but to live by them."
~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Monday, August 20, 2012



We had a wonderful weekend.  The paving stone project was completed, and we celebrated 42 years together on Sunday.  In between all that there was plenty of rain.  

'Old School Friday' was The Temptations singing "I Wish It Would Rain".  Ha, not me.  'Easy Monday' should be a snap:  "People say I'm the life of the party because I tell a joke or two.  Although I might be laughing, loud and hearty, deep inside I'm blue.  So take a good look at my face, you'll see my smile looks out of place.  If you look closer it's easy to trace __ __ __ __ __..."  Hint:  It's won't take a bloodhound to follow this singer in his misery.

Saturday morning I noticed some activity outside the gate.  I heard voices and saw feet and motorbike wheels and knew someone was trying to get in.  It was Khun Nung and his crew and they were ready to finish the work they started.  The heavy rain the night before made it impossible for them to work on their regular job, so we got a break.  We weren't expecting them for another week.  They got more materials, found the little rocks we wanted for in-between the big stones, and now we have a mud-free pathway on the side of the house.  An added plus is the fact that the dogs don't like to run on the new path.  They stick to the concrete apron next to the house.  

For our anniversary this year we decided to just go out to dinner.  We went to Central Plaza and dined at Fuji Japanese Restaurant.  When we first entered the parking area we were surprised at how full it was for a Sunday evening.  Inside it seemed like most of the restaurants were busy and lots of people were strolling around.  After dinner we wanted to go to Tops Market to see if there was any celery.  If you recall, last year it was also scarce.  On our way, we went to the theater section just to see if it was crowded.  There were people checking out the attractions, and others hanging out in the lounge area.  The most expensive ticket was $6, which makes a night at the movies a much cheaper proposition than in the States.  We still haven't gone to see anything, but some of the coming attractions looked like possibilities.  

As we were leaving the mall, we passed a scene that we just had to share.  There was a clown making balloon animals for children.  It's a universal thing that seems to be irresistible. 

                                    Balloon Magic

Tomorrow morning we start the day with teeth cleaning by Dr. Oy. The Thai word for tooth sounds a lot like 'fun' (555).  Oh, what fun.

Have a Great Week.


"He that gives should never remember,
he that receives should never forget."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Funnies


We had another beautiful day here in Chiang Rai.  It rained last night, but nothing dramatic.  I went to a new hair stylist today and we had coffee with a friend.

Congratulations to all those who knew the 'Zany Days' song was "Charlie Brown" by The Coasters.  Now it's on to 'Old School Friday'.  This one goes out to all those living in drought or near-drought areas:  "Sunshine, blue skies please go away.  The girl has found another, and gone away.  With her went my future, my life is filled with gloom, so day after day I stay locked up in my room.  I know it might sound strange, but __ __ __ __ __."  Hint:  I'm tempted to give you hints, but I'll just say: it's a weather thing.

This morning, after we exercised the dogs, I paid a visit to Ms. Lisa's Salon, located in the upstairs shower room.  She did a marvelous job of reshaping my Mohawk with the new clippers.  It's nice to be able to put my head in hands that I trust.  At the other place I never knew who was going to cut my hair.

We went into town for mid-morning coffee with our friend Caty.  She and her boyfriend Gobchai are going to America for 6 weeks and we wanted to hang out before they left.  She has been in Thailand for almost as long as we have, and we had lots of stuff to talk about.

On the subject of living in Thailand, on September 1st we will have been here for 5 years.  It's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly.  On September 2nd we're going to have a party to commemorate the anniversary.  

On our way home from Doi Chaang Coffee this morning, we passed a bank that had a shrine on the front steps in honor of the Queen's birthday.  Many public buildings and businesses have put up such shrines and patrons will often leave flowers, incense or candles after offering a prayer for her long life. 

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.       And now, the 'Funnies' in honor of the beginning of school.


Subject:       Weird Science

A teacher compiled this list of comments from test papers, essays,
etc., submitted to science and health teachers by elementary, junior
high, high school and college students. As she noted, "It's truly
astonishing what weird science our young scholars can create under the
pressure of time and grades."

*  H2O is hot water and CO2 is cold water.

*  Water is composed of two gins, Oxygin and Hydrogin. Oxygin is pure
gin.  Hydrogin is gin and water.

*  Three kinds of blood vessels are arteries, vanes and caterpillars.
Blood flows down one leg and up the other.

*  Respiration is composed of two acts, first inspiration, and then

*  The moon is a planet just like the earth, only it is even deader.

*  Mushrooms always grow in damp places so they look like umbrellas.

*  Before giving a blood transfusion, find out if the blood is
affirmative or negative.

*  For head cold: Use an agonizer to spray the nose until it drops in
your throat.

*  To keep milk from turning sour:  Keep it in the cow.

Thursday, August 16, 2012



After a little overnight rain, we had a beautiful day.  We went into town and ran some errands and saw some interesting sights along the way.

I must say, I was surprised at how many of you remembered this 'Zany Day' song.  Here's more for the rest of you:
"Who walks in the classroom cool and slow?  Who calls the English teacher 'Daddy-O'?  __ __, __ __, he's a clown, that __ __.  He's gonna get caught, just you wait and see.  (Why is everybody always pickin' on me?)"  Hint: The name of this character is the same as a comic-strip kid who was not quite the same kind of troublemaker.

This morning we went out early and went to the beauty-supply store.  We were shopping for electric clippers to cut my hair.  Before I go on, I'm wondering why this single device is referred to in the plural.  Anyway, we settled on a cordless set that's lightweight since Lisa will be handling the cutting chores.  Gotta keep the new style in shape.

Our new mailbox is ready for weather-proofing so we went down to Sahapaiboon to see if they had a product that would seal our wooden box and not turn yellow in the process.  We found the perfect product and tomorrow morning I'll apply the first coat and hope the day stays warm like today.  We also dropped by the store's office and had a brief visit with our friend Atom.

As we turned the corner to Bus Station Street we pulled up behind the 'photo of the day'.  When you just have to get the heavy-duty lawnmower to the shop, and there's no truck around, you use your motorbike and just pull it along.

There was a recent article here, about a high-level policeman who was arrested for drug smuggling and weapons possession.  It stated that he and his "two wives" were arrested, but there was no further mention of that in the body of the story.  I guess there are some things that are just 'understood' that I don't quite understand.  Hmm, Amazing Thailand.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, 
you must keep moving."
~Albert Einstein

Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Chiang Rai had hard rain last night, but a beautiful sunny, humid day today.  This evening we could see clouds moving around, and feel a slight breeze: all the signs that more rain is on the way.  A yard project got an early start... and stop. 

'Easy Monday' was a crowd favorite: "Smooth Operator" by Sade.  Time for another 'Zany Day' song that you know:
"Fe-fem fi-fi, fo-fo, fum.  I smell smoke in the auditorium.  __ __, __ __, he's a clown, that __ __.  He's gonna get caught, just you wait and see.  (Why is everybody always pickin' on me?)  Clue: The title is someone's name.  This one is super easy.

Yesterday, when I was describing our adventure in paying our property tax, I may have given the impression that the parking cost $4.  Actually, the parking only cost $.38 and the property tax was $4.  I love this place.

This morning when we took the dogs out, there were puddles on the lawn.  This is one of our indicators of how hard it rained.  The lawn is reaching that saturation point when there's no room below.  This afternoon it was still pretty damp, even with all the hot sun.  Needless to say, things are growing like crazy and the dogs are grazing again on the long grass.  I keep telling Daku that he's not a Sheep Dog, but he just keeps on munching.

Today's photo was taken by someone else, but it's such a beautiful shot that I wanted to share it with you.  The Clock Tower is in the center of the scene.

                         Rainbow over Chiang Rai

After my massage I called the house and Lisa told me there was a surprise waiting.  Because of the rain, the guys who were going to put in the paving blocks couldn't do their regular job and were at our house.  I arrived to see a big pile of sandy dirt and a little dump truck that had just unloaded, a stack of concrete paving blocks, and four guys working on the project.  This wasn't supposed to happen until the weekend.  Once we determined how we wanted it to look, they started setting the tiles.  Then it turned out that there were not enough.  Now the remaining tiles are on order and we have a half done job and a pile of sand in the yard.  Hmm.

This afternoon we went into town to get a tarp to cover the sandy dirt.  It would be a perfect place for the dogs to run around and investigate, and track sand into the house.  One thing that is still taking a bit of remembering is that when the size of something is given, it's metric.  The tarps were just labeled 6x6 or 8x8 and I had to remember that is wasn't feet, it was meters.  Comes out to be a lot bigger than you think if you get it wrong.  Fortunately, 8x8 was just what we needed.  

After all that hard work spreading the tarp (555) we went for a swim.  It was so nice to look up and see blue sky.  

I can hear thunder in the distance.  You know what that means.  BamBam is at Boot's house so I'm sure she's cuddled up on the bed.  Daku is not bothered unless it's right overhead, then he looks around and goes back to what he was doing.

It's Time for Wacky Wednesday.


"The grass is greener where you water it."
~Neil Barringham