Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Funnies


I’ll just end the week with another redundant weather forecast: Hot and smoggy.  The possibility of rain has such small numbers that I don’t even think about it.  This is what it is, ’til it’s wet.

The ‘Zany Day’ song was “Along Comes Mary” by The Association.  I was a major fan, back in the day.  Time for some ‘Old School Friday’ nostalgia:  “Oh, __, Oh, __.  Oh, __, Oh, __.  I had a girl, __ was her name.  Since she left me, I’ve never been the same.  ‘Cause I love my girl, __ where can you be, where can you be?”  Hint:  Another song with a name in the title.  Released in 1958.

Our outdoor journey began with a coffee stop at Chivit Tamma Da.  The morning air was still tolerable and the view was nice.  There’s something about coffee by a river in the morning that makes everything alright.  From Chivit we drove north on the highway to ArtBridge.  Lisa donated a collage to an auction that is raising money for children.  Just as we arrived, 6 vans pulled in with a big tour that was having a luncheon in the restaurant.  In the main lobby there was going to be an art workshop for young teens.  It has really become a hub of activity.

Two minutes up the highway and we were in Ban Du, and the office of Dr. View.  Yes, that’s really her name.  I think ‘View’ is her play name so it works.  Most Thais use their first name or their play name and dispense with their last name for everyday identification.  Last names here can be long and complicated.  We got her special hot spot medicine for Daku.

A little farther up the road and we were at the post office.  We got a notice of an item that could not be left without a signature.  After waiting in the usual room where one picks up such items, we were told that we had to go upstairs.  The young woman pointed and said ‘three’.  I didn’t realize there were three floors, but we soon found out.  There, we were told to sit down and wait.  We waited quite awhile, watching guys sort mail for the motorcycle postman.  Finally, we got the envelope containing papers that were of no consequence.  Hmm.  

That reminds me of another ‘name’ story.  Lisa was on the phone with a woman who was telling Lisa her name.  She broke it down:  “Tree, like the number”.  

We bought a new frying pan and these days that requires reading the instructions.  They started out rather routinely, curing the surface and all. Then it got interesting.  “By following these care instructions you will prevent the emission of fumes which can be dangerous for the birds.  Nevertheless, it is recommended to keep the birds out of the kitchen.”  We will follow these instructions to the fullest (555).

Today’s first photo was taken at home.  Neechanon is very happy to be eating peas from Lisa's plate, in her own bowl. The second photo is just a pretty picture of a rice field.

Neechanon’s talking has jumped to a new level.  Now that her vocabulary has grown and she understands how to communicate, she goes on and on.  She knows her parents names, which surprised them.  Natcha was doing something and Neechanon just referred to her by name and caught her completely off guard.  She talks about what we’re doing, what the dogs are doing, and watches everything to see how this world works.  

Tomorrow evening we return to the temple for the final evening service, and then Sunday morning we will go to the cremation service.  Life goes on and it’s good to be a part of it.

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.           Time for the ‘Funnies’.


Thursday, March 29, 2018



That brief rain last night did little to wash away the smog that has been lingering all week.  It made the plant life happy, but the breathing is the same.  Now, it’s a matter of watching the forecasts, waiting for something that will bring clear skies.  

Day two of our ‘Zany Day’ song and no one has written with the title or the artist.  I will tell you that it’s from 1966,  by a 6-man band that was heavy on the vocals.  They had two hits with names in the title.  Here’s a little more of this week’s song:  “And then __ __ __, and does she want to set them free, and let them see reality from where she got her name, and will they struggle much, when told that such a tender touch of hers will make them not the same… When we met I was sure out to lunch, now my empty cup is as sweet as the punch…”  Clue:  It wasn’t Windy, it was...

This morning’s doggie play was the usual side-show of stalking, biting, rolling, and running.  Several times we watched as Chopper assumed the stance of the great predator hunter, staking it’s prey.  Daku did the same and it was a question of who would blink first.  Chopper would make very slow, creeping moves and then suddenly, Daku would make a break for it and we could all breathe.

Chopper bites Daku, who smiles with the ball in his mouth.

We met Cat near her school for coffee (for us) and breakfast (for Cat).  The Dark is the big black building that I showed you a few months ago.  When we first got settled, Lisa noticed a witches costume hanging from a pillar.  It was very well done, with a great pointed hat and all.  Later we discovered that the logo for The Dark is a witch on a broom.  Hmm, welcome to Chiang Rai.  The coffee was good and Cat said her spaghetti and chicken in green curry sauce was good also.  Another menu item that had us laughing was ‘chickens’.  We didn’t ask.  Through a side window, in the big yard next door, I noticed a swing set made from PVC tubing.  You don’t see that everyday.

The big ‘adventure’ of the day was going to Big C after 10am.  When we got there the lot was busy, but the store, though crowded, was easy to negotiate.  For years I’ve been trying to connect the concept of Big C with a memory from my childhood.  It might be because it felt familiar.  Tonight it hit me, it reminds me of Sears, a long time ago.  We would go there and they had everything.  Funny, how the mind works.

The injection I received earlier this week was not a long-lasting affair.  The major symptoms are back and annoying as ever.  I do have a combo of over the counter ‘remedies’ that seem to help, so there is some relief.  It’s a lingering strain that has hit several of our friends.  It just takes a long time to go away.  

Have a Happy Thursday.


“Find a place inside
where there’s joy, 
and the joy will burn
out the pain.”
~Joseph Campbell

Wednesday, March 28, 2018



We had another bad air day in Chiang Rai.  The big news is, as I type, it’s raining.  Couldn’t come at a better time. 

The ‘Easy Monday’ song was “Rescue Me” by Fontella Bass.  That leaves us with a ‘Zany Day’ song to deal with.  
“Every time I think that I’m the only one who’s lonely someone calls on me.  And every now and then I spend my time at rhyme and verse and curse those faults in me.  And then __ __ __, then __ __ __.  And does she want to give me kicks and be my steady chick and give me pick of memories?  Or maybe rather gather tales from all the fails and tribulation no one ever sees.  When we met I was sure out to lunch, now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch.”  Clue:  It’s probably about what you thought all those years ago.  Someone arrives.

This was a day to stay at home.  Not only was there no good reason to go out in the nasty air, we just felt like staying at home.  

This afternoon I went to my meeting in town and the sky was eerie.  It was approaching 5pm, but looked like the sun was already setting.  The traffic seemed lighter, like people were hiding from the sky.  Would not have been a bad idea.  The government has closed off entry to the national forests in an effort to stop illegal burning, but that only works when the ‘burners’ are outside the forest to begin with.  Many people live in the forest, so there’s another issue.  The bottom line:  It’s not just the forest fires that are making all the smoke.  No one wants to enforce the burning ban on trash, etc.  Rant over.

Our dear friend Sutheera’s mother passed today and tonight we went to the first night of the mourning.  It was held at a temple we’ve driven by for years, but never visited.  Nukoon, Sutheera’s husband, thinks it might be 100 years old.  We’ll find out more on Saturday when we return.  I always get caught up in the rhythms of the monks when they chant.  It can be very hypnotic.  

Today’s photos are a mix.  The first shows our parrot friends at the Karri Valley Resort, hoping for some morning seeds.  The second is Neechanon investigating new food on on her trip to Mae Sai.

Thoughts of singing in the rain crossed my mind, but I’ll just stay inside and listen to it.

Yep, it’s a Wacky Wednesday.


“Some of us think holding on
makes us strong; but sometimes
it is letting go.”
~Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, March 27, 2018



The air quality today was a little worse than yesterday.  April 13 is the start of Songkran and the holiday is usually preceded by rain.  It can’t come soon enough.  

I thought this ‘Easy Monday’ song would be a snap.  We’ve ‘sung’ it before so I assumed you’d remember.  Silly me.
“__ __, come on and take my heart, take your love and conquer every part. ‘Cause I’m lonely and I’m blue.  I need you and your love too.  Come on and __ __.”  Clue:  The title is what a kitten stuck in a tree might say to a fireman.

The good news is, the injection I got from the doctor last night made a major difference in my ‘condition’.  I slept all night with no coughing and most of today was the same.  All of the bed rest has also helped with my lower back.  It had been rough in the mornings, but today I got up without wishing I hadn’t.  

We woke up to find we had no internet.  I tried all the things they told us to do but it wouldn’t work.  This afternoon the crew came to the house and connected a device to our line.  They told me the fiber-optic line was broken.  At first they thought it might be in the house, but it was 300 meters away, so they had to go out in the hot dirty air and hunt down the break.  About an hour later they called to say it was working again.  Whew.

After our Tuesday talk with Joe, we went out into the world.  A few frustrated coffee plans later, we sat in the van with some pretty good coffee.  The frustration was not being able to park at our first choice, which was an enclosed shop.  Most of our regular haunts are outdoors or very open, and with the air being this bad, we felt that it would be better to be inside.  

You can always tell when the air has gone bad in Chiang Rai, because everyone’s wearing masks.  Most of the masks are not really suited for the kind of air pollution we have, but they’re better than nothing.  We’re going on a mask hunt tomorrow, in hopes of finding a better fit and particle filtration.  

The  main purpose of our mall visit was to have posters printed for Lisa’s upcoming exhibit in May.  There’s an H.P. Print shop with high quality printers and they have done some very good work for us in the past.  While they were printing the posters, we had lunch.  Among the odds and ends we usually pick up at the mall is information.  I stopped by the Apple Store to ask the burning question: Can we have 1 Blue Tooth broadcast to 2 sets of headphones.  The woman looked at me, finally understand my concept, and then burst out laughing, saying, “Cannot do, cannot do”.  We did agree that it would be a great idea.  She said, “Think big”.  Now, where’s my drawing board (555).

Today’s pics are the dogs, Chopper and Daku.  In this close-up by Gong, Chopper looks rather menacing.  I think that's what he thinks he looks like when he attacks Daku.  Daku has learned to roll on his back and control Chopper with his front legs.   

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“The true sign of intelligence 
is not knowledge, but imagination.”
~Albert Einstein

Monday, March 26, 2018



It’s hard to tell what the weather in Chiang Rai is really doing.  I can tell you that it’s hot, but past that it’s just a murky, smoggy sky.  It could be cloudy but we wouldn’t know.  Wishing for rain.

The ‘Old School Friday’ song had only one friend.  “Venus” by Frankie Avalon, you shoulda known.  ‘Easy Monday’ is next.  “__ __, take me in your arms.  __ __, I want your tender charm, ‘cause I’m lonely and I’m blue, I need you and your love too.  Come on and __ __.”  Hint:  Singer is in need of a 'first-responder’.

Today was the first day out of the house for me since last week.  This non-flu thing has had me down.  Yesterday I resorted to the flu meds we brought back from the States and it helped with symptoms.  I even went to the internet to see if one could have the flu without a fever.  The consensus is that there is something out there that does that.  Well, I have it and I’m glad it’s getting tired of me.  This evening, after dinner, we went to a clinic across town that Natcha went to last week.  She was getting flu symptoms and feeling sick.  The doctor gave her a shot and she felt better the next day.  We got that shot, now we wait.  As it usually the case, he also gave us three different medicines, one applied, the rest were not really a good match.  For roughly $25 for both of us, it was still worth the time.  If the shot works we’ll be tearing around town (555).  

As were leaving the doctor’s office I was complaining that I didn’t get a sucker.  Then I remembered the word lollipop and that reminded me of Australia.  The word ‘lollie’ is very commonly used for all candy except for chocolate.  So, when one says ‘bring home some lollies’, it’s probably a bag of candy of some kind.  Stephen was loading up on carbohydrates for his race and lollies were part of his regimen.  

This morning we drove out to the Frame Factory to pick up two of Lisa’s cast acrylic prints.  It was good to be out in the world.  We took the by-pass road on the east side of town and it goes through a long stretch of countryside.  When we got to Todd’s village, the rice fields were all that brilliant green that inspires staring.  On the way home we stopped by The Wanderer for coffee, tea and roti.  Weekday mornings are nice when it’s almost empty.  

Today’s photos were taken in Mae Sai and at The Big Brown House.  Neechanon is riding a rocking horse on their visit up north last weekend.  The second pic was taken while we were in Oz.          

Have a Great Week.


“Do not let what you cannot
do interfere with what you 
can do.”
~John Wooden

Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Funnies


It was another day like the other day, our version of ‘March Madness’.  The air is ‘unhealthy’ so we stay inside as much as possible.  

The ‘Zany Day’ song was “Searchin’” by The Coasters.  It’s time for a really easy one and I have just the tune for ‘Old School Friday’:  “Hey __, oh __… __, if you will, please send a little girl for me to thrill.  A girl who wants my kisses and my arms, a girl with all the charms of you… __, Goddess of love that you are, surely the things I ask can’t be too great a task…”  Hint:  It’s just too easy for hints.

The little family came home this evening, a day early.  We’re quite happy about that, of course.  Daku and Chopper were over the top with joy.  A nephew of Natcha’s came over with them and wanted to swim.  He went in the pool and reported that the water was cold.  It didn’t mean he wanted to get out, just that it was cold.  We were all in the area behind the pool, trying to get the underwater lights on when Chopper decided to play.  He was jumping next to me and his little mouth, with it’s sharp teeth, snagged the ring-finger on my right hand.  Immediate pain and all that comes with it.  Nurse Lisa calmed things down and I’ll be alright.  Gong told Lisa that Chopper did not like the family compound in Mae Sai, he likes it here better.  Dogs rule the house (555).

In Perth, on our way to Caversham Wildlife Park and Zoo, we were talking about what to do for dinner.  Claire mentioned BBQ and I blurted out ‘put another shrimp on the barbie’, to which she explained that they would never say that.  They call them prawns.  What we call shrimp are the tiny ones that one can’t put on a barbie.  That leads me to another funny thing we learned: Everything gets shortened.  Sunglasses are sunnies, football is footy, etc.  Now you know where barbie comes from.  Probably the most commonly used phrase we heard all week was ‘no worries’.  We had discussed this with Claire at the beginning of the visit and wondered if there was cause for worry.  Every time we’d hear the phrase we’d look at each other and there would be a quiet smile.  Like, I wasn’t worried before they said that.  

I’ve got some more random photos from Western Australia for you today.  The first was taken at the beach sculpture exhibit.  The giant snorkeler was a big hit.  The second pic is from the same exhibit.  It’s a little dome hut covered with stuffed animals and dolls of every description.  The last pic is the little train at Busselton Jetty. 

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.    Stay tuned for the ‘Funnies’.


Thursday, March 22, 2018



The weather actually looked like rain early this morning.  About an hour later that look was gone.  It’s hot, but not too hot and the only thing that’s keeping us inside is the bad air.  Rain would be great, except for the bird family nesting in the storm drain above the balcony.  They’re still gathering material and a big rain would probably tear it up.  

So far, Lisa is the only reader who responded to the ‘Zany Day’ song.  It’s by an R&B group that was famous for it’s zany recordings.  “Well, now, if I have to swim a river, you know I will.  And-a if I have to climb a mountain, you know I will.  And-a if she’s a-hiding up on Blueberry Hill, am I gonna find her child, you know I will.  ‘Cause I’ve been __.  Oh, yeah, __.  My goodness, __ every which a-way…But I’m like the Northwest Mounties…”  Clue: What are you doing when you’re looking for a missing person?

The little family, Gong, Natcha, Neechanon and Chopper has gone to Mae Sai until Saturday.  They left Wednesday evening.  Natcha made tons of things for us to eat so we’re doing OK on our own.  The house and yard seem quiet.  Daku misses Chopper and Natcha wrote to say that Chopper misses Daku.  

I don’t think I mentioned that everything in Western Australia is expensive.  This stems from the origins of it’s economy.  The locals refer to the mining in the region as ‘resources’.  The earth is abundant with iron, uranium, and gold.  Not long ago, everyone was making a ton of money because money was being made from the dirt.  Even though the ‘boom’ is over, the prices haven’t lowered.  It was a difficult transition coming from Thailand.  There’s a point when you must accept the fact that whatever you touch is going to cost more than at ‘home’.  For a week it was worth it (555).

There are six states in Australia.  Each is unique based on climate and resources, to name two.  One thing that draws them together is sports.  They play Football (soccer), Australian Rules Football (AFL) and AFL Women's, National Rugby League (NRL), Cricket, Netball, and auto racing.  I’m sure I missed something, but you get the idea.  Things are different on the bottom of the world. 

Today’s photos are another dose of Aussie randomness.  Indoor skydiving sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t do it.  Standing where two oceans come together is pretty awesome, and so is feeding an albino kangaroo. 

Not only did I bring home a bunch of memories from our adventure, I brought home a cold.  It’s no secret that I don’t like being sick.  Who does?  When it knocks me down, and I complain, you know somethins’ happening.  Extra ‘C’, ginger tea, and a big box of tissue should see me through the night.  Maybe I can sleep it off and be done with it by morning (555).  It’s worth a try.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“Time stays long enough for
anyone who will use it.”
~Leonardo da Vinci

Wednesday, March 21, 2018



Today we woke up to the Chiang Rai morning clouds.  They left and we had a beautiful day until the smokey haze arrived.  Hmm, missing the air in Oz.

The ‘Easy Monday’ song was “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees.  Back to songs you know and our ‘Zany Day’ oldie:
"(Gonna find her) x 3  Yeah, I’ve been __, a-a __, oh, year, __ every which a-way…. But I’m like the Northwest Mounties.  You know I’ll bring her in someday.”  Hint:  The singer is looking for his long lost love.  

When we left Perth, Australia, we booked our luggage through to Chiang Rai, so that way we didn’t have to deal with it in the airport in Bangkok.  When we arrived at our little airport, one of our suitcases was missing.  We were told that it was probably in Bangkok.  This morning we got a call that they had our luggage.  Big sigh of relief was heard for blocks.  

The greeting we received when we got home last night was as if we had been gone for 3 weeks.  Daku, Chopper and Neechanon were all full of happy, and it was all we could do to give them the attention they wanted.  Chopper is taller, Neechanon is talking more and faster, and Daku was just so pleased he could hardly contain himself.  When it was time for everyone to settle down and go to their respective homes, Daku and Chopper had one last nose touch through the big window and when Daku reached the landing of the stairs, Chopper barked and Daku turned and looked back.  It was straight out of Hollywood.  

This morning things were just about back to normal.  The play is a little different now.  Over the last week it seems like Daku has ‘schooled’ Chopper as to what he will tolerate and what he won’t.  After the exercise, we talked to Joe in Palo Alto.  It was fun, filling him in on some of the details of our trip and explaining some of the new words we learned.  It’s been raining in Palo Alto so I asked him if he had a ‘brolly’ (umbrella).

During our visit to Australia, we took tons of photos.  There are some that are just random shots, unrelated to an activity.  The rest of the week, I’m going to share things that made me take out my phone and shoot.  
The shadow of Stephen’s racing bike as we motor down the highway, Karri Lake at the end of the day, interesting elevator controls are things that caught my eye.

Feels like a Wacky Wednesday.


“When we try to pick out
anything by itself, we find 
it hitched to everything else in
the universe.”
~John Muir

Tuesday, March 20, 2018



The morning weather in Perth, Australia was beautiful.  There was a bit of wind but nothing bad.  The weather in Bangkok when we landed, was hot and humid.  The weather in Chiang Rai was also hot.  Now we’re at home and the air/con is on and the weather is perfect.

There’s nothing like an ‘Easy Monday’ song that’s easy.  “Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, you’re __ __, __ __.  Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’, and we’re __ __, __ __.  Ah, ha, ha, ha, __ __, __ __…”  Clue:  The artists could be called a ‘Band of Brothers’.  Oh gee, I’ve said too much. 

Since we just got home, I’m going to send you some photos from the animal park.  I think you’ll recognize the creatures we’re hanging out with.  These locals were very friendly.

There will be more photos the rest of the week, and more about interesting things we saw and learned.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“Live life on purpose.”

Monday, March 19, 2018



Monday in Perth was hot.  We had a cold weekend so this was a nice change.  At home in Chiang Rai it’s been storming, but it should be nice for our return tomorrow night.  

The ‘Old School Friday’ song was “Waltzing Matilda” by Christina MacPherson, written in 1895 and published in 1903.  I mention the history because it’s been around a long time.  Ask Mr. Google what it means (5).  For our ‘Easy Monday’ song we’re still in Australia, so hang on:  “Well, you can tell by the way I walk my walk, I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk.  Music loud and women warm, I’ve been kicked around since I was born.  And now it’s all right.  It’s OK, and you may look the other way.  We can try to understand, the New York Times effect on man…”  Hint:  The artists are Australian, the song was in a big movie about discos, etc. 

As you know by now, we didn’t have an internet connection on Friday night.  Oh, the connection was there, down the hill at the reception area.  The thought of walking down in the cold rain, then back up the hill was just too much to digest.  There was no service in the cabins.  The withdrawal was not as bad as imagined (555).  It’s going to take about a week to do a show-and-tell about this week in Oz.  

The weekend, overall, was great.  We got to see a triathlon up close and personal.  There’s a lot to know and a lot to do.  According to a sign at the lake, the water was very cold.  I don’t doubt it, since the air was very cold.  The ‘resort’ was full of racers and their families.  It was an interesting experience, like a family camp.  Many of the racers were from clubs so they knew each other.  A lot of the clubs compete together so it was a very connected group.  We watched the race in segments.  It was shorter than a normal ‘Tri’ so we had breaks while they rode bikes in the woods, and when they did laps in and out of the main area.  It becomes a thing of encouraging all the runners and it’s fun.  By the end of it all, our bodies felt worked out from climbing the hill to the cabin about 4 times.  

Sunday morning we left the Karri Valley Resort and went further south.  Our destination was the southernmost tip of Western Australia (WA).  We traveled through beautiful countryside, saw more animals, vineyards, and villages.  At a gas stop somewhere out there, I heard a different accent from the owner.  I also heard a tune on the radio and Shazamed it.  It was by an African woman.  Ironically, as we left, we saw the Zimbabwe flag out front.  That explained his different accent.  It also sparked a conversation of speculation as to when he arrived in WA.  

Language in Australia is a very interesting thing.  In theory, it’s all English.  In practice, there are so many regional dialects, vocabulary, and nuances, that even some Ozzies have trouble understanding their own countrymen.  In the east, there is a little lilt at the end of phrases.  The tone goes up.  In the west it stays flat.  Overall, we learned that ‘R’ at the end of a word becomes an ‘A’.  So, father becomes fatha, meter becomes meta, etc.  It’s difficult to articulate on paper, but it’s real.  

Cape Leeuwin was the area where we went to the spot where the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean come together.  The lighthouse was the main feature, although the ocean view was more interesting.  We could have taken a tour of the lighthouse but that would have meant climbing the tiny spiral staircase.  Knees said no! 

After our visit to the cape, we drove north to another beach area called Surfers Point.  It’s also called the ‘Margaret River Bombie’, which produces big waves and lots of surprises.  We ate lunch and watched the waves for awhile.  A few surfers were riding some 12-foot waves. 

We finally got home, relaxed and then went out to a fancy Thai restaurant for dinner.  The food was OK, but not ’Thai Thai’.  More of a fusion style, but good.  

Have a Great Week.


"Wherever you go, no matter
what the weather, always bring
your own sunshine.”
~Anthony J. D'Angelo

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Funnies


Note:  This message is a day late because we did not have an internet connection in our cabin.  I had to wait until my Saturday morning to go back down the hill.  Enjoy.

The travel weather was great today.  We traveled south from Perth and experienced everything from blue sky to dark clouds.  It never rained, but got cool in spots.  

The ‘Zany Day’ song was “Down Under” by Men At Work, an Australian group who broke into the US market with a major hit in the early 80s.  ‘Old School Friday’ may be familiar to some of you:  “Oh there once was a swagman camped under the shade of a coolibah tree.  And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled.  You’ll come a-__ __ with me.”  Hint:  Now, I realize this is a ‘Zany Day’ type song, but what can you do when you’re down under (555).

The Australian countryside has many variations.  From flat plain like stretches to rolling hills to dense forests, it was like a sampler of what one might expect when visiting.  There were cattle ranches, horse ranches, and glimpses of kangaroos as we went racing by.  We stopped in a place called Busselton for lunch.  It’s a small town with a jetty as it’s big attraction.  The jetty was built in the 1800s in order to unload ships that couldn’t come into the shallow, natural harbor.  John Bussel saved the jetty when it was endangered by a storm by running up and down it’s length over 100 times, drawing sponsorship to rebuild it.  The whole place is named after him.  It was our first ‘up close’ visit to the Indian Ocean.  The first thing we noticed was that it didn’t smell like the Pacific.  Odd, but true.  I wonder if every ocean has a distinct smell.  

Back on the road we saw some kangaroos.  These photos are from a moving car, but you can see a mom and her big baby in the first, and what is called a ‘mob’ in the second photo.

Karri Valley is where the triathlon is being held, and when we arrived at the resort it was like being in a mountain campground anywhere in the world, except that there are some green parrots here that I have never seen before.

By the time you read this the race will be over.  We will be relaxing in our cabin or maybe sitting by the lake.  Either way, it’s being a wonderful trip and more than I imagined.  There will be a lot more photos next week.

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.     Time for the ‘Funnies’.