Tuesday, July 6, 2010



I'm writing to you from way up in the sky. We'll land in Taipei in one hour. That's when I'll send this to you. It's been an interesting day so far. We said our goodbyes to the dogs, and ran into friends at the airport.

I can't believe nobody remembers this song. Here's a clue: George Harrison lost a law suit for plagiarism.
"He's a soft-spoken guy (Insert Do-langs), also seems kinda shy (do-langs) makes me wonder if I (Do-langs) should even give him a try (Do-langs) " Hint: The title tells us that the young man is quite good looking. Three words.

This morning we surprised Daku by getting up at 5:30. He jumped up after hearing the alarm, and was a little thrown since it was still dark. The extra time was just what we needed to get all the last minute stuff done.

As we were leaving the check-in window we saw our friend Edwin coming in. He's flying to the US as well. In the waiting area for our flight to Bangkok I spotted Jah, Atom, and Ting. The three sisters were on their way to Hong Kong by way of Bangkok. We got to hang out and talk at the baggage carousel.

They served us a chicken and rice dinner on our flight to Taipei, and it was pretty good. There is one thing I've noticed about the meals on EVA: There are always three little bowls containing at least one thing that is unidentifiable. Today Lisa said she wondered what it was. I said 'I don't eat that'. She said I didn't even know what it was. I replied: 'That's why I don't eat that'. We both had a good laugh over that. Then we pondered the strange, spotted object in the fruit bowl. Oh, the joys of flying.

Oh yes, if you ever travel to other lands be careful how you act. Today there was a small group of 'travelers' sleeping on the floor in the airport in Bangkok. This is not proper behavior here. Thai people walked by and laughed at them. Hmm.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


PS Starting Wednesday you can reach me by phone (if I have enough bars) (310) 494-1179

"Man has never made any material as resilient as the human spirit."
~Bern Williams

Gettin' Funky, Thai Style

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