Tuesday, July 3, 2018



We stayed mostly dry today.  A brief downpour was all we saw, for a few blocks.  Looking like a dry night ahead.

This week’s ‘Easy Monday’ has a lot of friends.  Here is more of the song, just in case you don’t remember:
“Ooh, but he watches so sadly, how can he tell her he loves her, yes, he would give his heart gladly.  But each day when she walks to the sea, she looks straight ahead not at he.  Tall and tan and young, and lovely, __ __ __ __ goes walking, and when she passes, he smiles but she doesn’t see, she just doesn’t see….”  Clue:  This 1964 hit is from Brazil.  The name of a famous beach is in the title.  That’s all you get.

The big news in Thailand is the rescue of the 12 member youth football team and their coach.  They were trapped for 10 days in the caves north of Chiang Rai, near the border town of Mae Sai.  Their rescue became an international story and attracted various professional search teams from around the world.  The caves are very extensive and when heavy rains came, the boys got cut off due to flooding, but were able to move to higher ground.  The people who found them had to use SCUBA equipment in order to reach them.  There have been vigils by every religion, sect and belief system, praying for their safe return.  They are still not able to leave the cave because it will be a difficult exit.  The boys have no training in diving and don’t swim.  It will be weeks or months before they can be reunited with their families, but they are safe and mostly healthy.

Today we had lunch with our friend Sutheera at Chivit Tamma Da.  Arriving early has it’s perks.  We got a balcony table with no ‘neighbors’ and it was perfect for conversation with a view.  By the time we finished, the section had filled up.  Sutheera teaches at Chiang Rai University, in what they call the Business Faculty.  They are in summer school now and she has Master and Doctoral students.  On a recent trip to Bangkok with her husband Nukoon, they spotted her book at a major bookstore, next to some noted authors.  That always feels good.  There was lots of talk about travel, eating while traveling, and of course, the football team.  As we were leaving, we had a little love-fest with the two resident dogs.  When we got home, Daku couldn’t get enough of the new scent.

The photo below is from our Saturday visit to 9 Art Gallery.  We’re standing in front of one of Lisa’s two-panel paper sculptures.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


"The greatest deception men
suffer is from their own
~Leonardo da Vinci

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