Monday, July 2, 2018



The weather has been mostly cloudy with occasional downpours.  Some of those have been during the day, and problematic.  Well, only because we got wet during our Sunday lunch at The Wanderer.  And the umbrellas were in the van (555).

The ‘Old School Friday’ song got lots of action.  It was The Supremes singing “You Keep Me Hanging On”.  This week’s ‘Easy Monday’ should be just that, easy:  “Tall and tan and young and lovely, __ __ __ __ goes walking.  And when she passes, each one she passes goes, ah.”  Hint:  You may remember this as the song that introduced America to a musical form it was unaware of on a large scale.  Something to do with a beach.

Saturday afternoon we revisited Lisa’s exhibit with a friend who is a big fan of her work.  His name is John and he’s originally from Holland.  He used to be in the art world as a curator, putting exhibits together.  He wanted to meet us in the empty gallery so we could look at the work without crowds of people.  I must agree, one cannot fully appreciate the art with people standing in front of it taking photos, although that can be loads of fun.  Anyway, it was good to get his impressions, observations, and observe his sense of wonder.  At the end of the visit, he took some photos.  I’ll post those later.  Khun Nine, the owner of the gallery, suggested we return in the evening, after the sun is down, and take a video of the exhibit without the outside light bouncing off the work.  We did and it made a difference.  We now have a series of video clips, documenting the exhibit.

Sunday morning we drove up to Mae Chan for another appointment with Dr. Mark, aka "Dr. Happy."  I was beginning to get some pain in my lower back and we felt that it would be best to treat the inflammation before it got too bad.  He agreed and I got ‘the treatment’.  It definitely makes a difference.  

Driving up and down the highway, the weather was great, as in dry.  We went directly to The Wanderer for lunch and things were looking a little darker, but not rainy.  We were almost finished with our meal when it began to rain.  It didn’t take long before it was in full downpour mode, forcing a leak in our table’s umbrella.  We kept shifting around, but it started splashing and finally we gave in.  No time to relax at the table, it was time to get help.  One of the servers brought a big umbrella, we went inside and paid the bill and then dashed to the van.  All of the distances were short and we were laughing all the way.

Today we went back to Nine Art Gallery to pack up the show.  Actually, the staff had already taken the work off the walls and had it wrapped in bubblewrap.  All we had to do was have them load it in the van, and Gong’s pickup.  

This afternoon we had a very nice swim.  Since we’ve missed the gym it was a perfect way to stay on schedule.  I recently discovered, from Dr. Perry in Chiang Mai, that magnesium citrate would alleviate a nagging foot cramp when doing the flutter kick.  It works and I was able to do some serious swimming today.

Today’s photo was taken before dinner, when Neechanon was entertaining us with her new toy.  Before she came to the table, she had been feeding him yogurt.  We never did get his name.

Have a Great Week.


“There is nothing in the dark 
that isn’t there when the lights are on."
~Rod Serling

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