Thursday, May 3, 2018



We had a beautiful day, with blue skies and puffy clouds.  It was payment for the night of rain that flooded both yards.  Tonight we have to plug the drain and get out the row boat (555).  Forecast for tomorrow is morning rain, maybe.

Looks like the ‘Zany Day’ song is a stumper.  It’s by a guy who was addicted to love because it was simply irresistible.  “We had a fight, then you got mad, got on the telephone, called your mom and dad.  Dad said, “She’s my daughter and I’m her pa, and you ain’t nothing but a son-in-law.”  I say I saw you kissing Jimmy across the fence, I heard you telling Jimmy I ain’t got no sense.  The way you’ve been acting is such a drag.  You done put me in a __ __.”  Clue:  Follow the rhyme scheme for the second word, then you may get it.  Don’t let it trick you (555).

One of the side effects of big rain is the frogs.  During the night, if the rain stops, and the morning after, there is a chorus of frogs that is unbelievable.  Today, the farm behind us was flooded, so it was like a swamp.  There were sopranos, tenors and basses croaking away.  Sometimes there would be a rhythmic groove that made me smile.  

This morning, after Big C, we went to Starbuck’s for coffee.  We got a big surprise when we saw our friend Sutheera there, working on her school papers.  She teaches at Chiang Rai University and finds the back corner at Starbuck’s to be a quiet retreat in the mornings.

The sky this morning.

We had lunch at The Wanderer and had a chance to spend some time with Khun Noot, who will be the ‘presenter’ at Lisa’s exhibition.  She’s excited and nervous about doing this because she’s never done it before.  It turns out she and her late husband have known the gallery owners, Sawanee and Sompong for 20 years.  This will be the 125th exhibition in the gallery and there are now many interesting connections.  Tomorrow night will be magic. 

Daku took his course of antibiotics for his hotspot, but it did not improve the condition.  Tonight we went back to the vet.  During our wait, he got to be around several dogs, from a distance.  He was cool, just lying on the cool floor staring at these new people.  He had a different doctor tonight, Dr. Tom.  He seemed to like him, and Dr. Tom likes Daku.  He mentioned that he’s been seeing him around for the six years he’s worked there.  Daku has fans at all the vet offices.  We came home with a topical, herbal cream that might help.  

This afternoon Neechanon was in the kitchen with Natcha.  She quickly volunteered that Chopper was ‘nawn lap’, and put her hands to the side of her face.  Lisa said, “Yes, Chopper is sleeping.”  Neechanon corrected her, “No, Chopper ‘nawn lap'."  Gong and Lisa both laughed and left it at that.  They want us to speak to her in English, so we’ll have to approach the sleep thing from a different direction (555).  Corrected by the 2-year-old.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“The artist's vocation is to send light
into the human heart.”
~George Sand

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