Tuesday, May 1, 2018



Chiang Rai had another day of blue skies and hot weather.  This evening, clouds moved in so maybe we’ll get some of that rain they promised.  I say, ‘Get it out of your system before Friday night.'

The Freedom Story, formerly The Sold Project, has been a part of Cat’s life for 10 years.  Here is a link to a film "Cat’s 10 Year Film”.  https://vimeo.com/260824561   

A few readers recognized the ‘Easy Monday’ song.  The title is something one might be asked on a first encounter.
“__ __ __?  Is it Mary or Sue?  __ __ __?  Do I stand a chance with you?  It’s so hard to find a personality with charms like  yours for me.  Ooh-ee, ooh-ee, ooh-ee…. __ __ __? __ __ __?  Shooby-doo-bop-bah-dah!”  Hint:  By a duo whose combined names is that of a famous gigolo.  

Today was Labor Day in Thailand.  There were lots of stores open, but if you wanted building supplies, or home appliances you might be out of luck.  One place that was open for sure was Central Plaza Mall.  We went early, now that we know they open at 10am on holidays.  It was already getting busy, but we had the last bit of printing to do for the exhibit.  We dropped off the work, had coffee and went home. 

After lunch Khun Yee, who has done a lot of work for us, came over to discuss ways to drain the yards after heavy rain.  We decided, with a little outside help, to install concrete tanks normally used for shower and sink water.  They have a hole in the bottom so the water can seep out into the earth.  It’s much simpler than our other plans.  We may have to go with plastic in the rear, since a truck can’t get into the back yard.  Work begins Monday, with photos to make this all clear as a bell (555).

The mall was absolutely crazy this afternoon when we went back to pick up the printing.  Cars and trucks were double parked on all the lanes, traffic was stop-and-go as drivers looked for that one parking place.  I dropped Lisa at the elevator and made one lap around the indoor lot and it worked.  We were able to handle our business without a parking space.  Part of the crowd was probably for the Major Theater Complex, which has 5 screens showing Avengers 3.  Cat has friends who have gone more than once to see it.  

After dinner we could hear Neechanon’s voice outside.  She and Natcha were in the ‘little pool’ while Chopper walked along the edge, contemplating the water.  Natcha said the water was nice so we went in.  It felt good to swim, and after a few laps Neechanon wanted Lisa to hold her in the big pool.  They cruised around in the water, Neechanon talking away, and smelling the water and laughing a lot.  Her vocabulary is growing rapidly.  She saw an airplane flying over and knew exactly what it was.  

Photos today are from two different adventures.  In Perth, Australia we saw this Spoonbill and Black Swan at the animal sanctuary.  In Bangkok I spotted this space-saving bike rack.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“Like a welcome summer rain,
humor may suddenly cleanse 
and cool the earth, the air,
and you.”
~Langston Hughes

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