Thursday, May 10, 2018



We’re in the middle of a genuine heatwave.  How hot was it?  We swam twice today.  Then a storm came with tropical force that caught us off guard.  Thunder right overhead, wind swirling and rain everywhere.  By the time we got the leaks mopped up it was over.  A real weather day.

This week’s ‘Zany Day’ song is a musical fantasy by a singer with a fetish for fancy frames for his glasses, gaudy costumes, and grand pianos.  “Well, __ __ is something shocking when your feet just can’t keep still.  I never knew me a better time and I guess, I never will.  Oh, lady, mama those Friday nights when Suzie wore her dresses tight And the __ __ was out of sight.  Laaaaa, la la la la laaaaa…”  Hint:  An animal dancing?

This was a day to recoup from the day before.  After running the dogs, we went into the pool, which has been warming every day during this heatwave.  Since it was replacing the gym, which would have been too hot, it was a serious exercise session.  A little later we made the short trip to The Wanderer for coffee.  Mercy gave us a very vocal greeting and hung out at our table.  

Today I finally upgraded the operating system on my laptop.  There were just too many ghosts in the machine.  Now I’m working with a fresh start and though a few things are different, it’s zipping along just fine.  When sending you this message begins to be a struggle, something's got to change.

This afternoon I went downtown for a visit with a friend.  He had coffee, I had water.  Late afternoon coffee can leave me staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night.  So, I’m taking back the night (555).

The suggestion of another swim was welcome after being downtown in the heat.  The water was warmer, approaching ‘too warm’, but not quite.  We just played in the water, nothing serious.  It was cooling and relaxing.  I noticed a big cloud to the west and when it blocked the sun and cast a dark shadow, it was time to get out.  Mid-way through dinner the wind came up, the thunder cracked and it was on.  Neechanon and her aunts were in the pool but got out.  Chopper came running from the front yard in search of shelter and it felt like a hard rain.

Today’s photo shows Chopper beating the heat.  Nothing like wet, cool tile in the shade.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“Clouds come floating into my
life, no longer to carry rain or
usher storm, but to add color
to my sunset sky.”
~Rabindranath Tagore

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