Thursday, January 3, 2019



It seems like the days are a little warmer, but those nights, oh, those nights.  Last night it was supposed to go down to 39°.  I didn’t go out to verify (555).

The ‘Zany Day’ song didn’t get the tiniest bit of recognition.  Oh well, here’s the second verse, with more clues:
“You said you belonged to me, made me stop and think.  Then I noticed yours was red, mine was baby pink.  Who walked in but Mary Jane, lipstick all a mess?  Were you smoochin’ my best friend?  Guess the answers yes.  __ __ __ __, told a tale on you.  __ __ __ __, said you were untrue….”  Clue:  A key word is in this verse.  An item of clothing is involved.

It’s Thursday morning and we are about to bid farewell to Valley Village in the San Fernando Valley.  A mouthful on any day.  Our Wednesday adventures took us to the San Gabriel Valley for lunch with Frank and Linda and a visit with Debby.  We met Frank and Linda at Saladang Thai Restaurant in Pasadena.  We always do a lot of memory-lane stuff since Frank and I grew up in ‘Dena, as we called it.  Frank and Blue were housemates and were in the band Expressway for years.  The four of us had a wonderful time remembering Blue.  During our conversation, we all remembered his ‘style’ and how there was art in everything he did.  So many memories. Today I’m feeling his loss again. Then Linda remembered a conversation with a friend and my mom’s name came up.  Jean left an imprint on a whole community.  For our next visit we’re going to meet on Frank and Linda’s new boat.  That should be fun.  

It was a very short ride to Alhambra to meet with Debby.  She and Lisa have been friends since childhood.  It’s ironic that we have visits with childhood friends on the same day on every trip.  Hmm.  We got the rundown on her grandchildren, and even got some artwork from two of them.  While I snoozed a little, Lisa and Deb talked about days in Montana.  Lisa was recently contacted by a distant cousin who sent a ton of old photos, some that Lisa had never seen.  The smallness of the world becomes very obvious at times like these.

Today I share two photos from home.  The first was taken the night Natcha and Nitchanan had a sleepover with Daku.  Nitchanan is preparing to read a story to Daku.  In the second, Nitchanan is cuddled up with Teddy, as she calls him.  

Have a Thrilling Thursday


“I think we all have empathy.
We may not have enough
courage to display it.”
~Maya Angelou

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