Tuesday, July 4, 2017



Today was one of those ‘it rained all day’ kind of days.  Seriously, there was some level of dripping going on during every hour of the day.  ’Tis the season.

This week’s ‘Easy Monday’ has lots of friends.  Some of you know it but just didn’t say so.  Sing along and write me.
“She said you hurt her so, she almost lost her mind.  But now she says she knows, you’re not the hurting kind.  She says __ __ __ and you know that can’t be bad.  Yes, __ __ __, and you know you should be glad, oooh.  __ __ __ yeah yeah, yeah __ __ __ yeah, yeah, yeah….”  Clue: If you sing the ‘yeah yeah yeah’ enough times you’ll probably get it, or annoy anyone near you (555).

This morning there was a meeting between Khun Cheurn, the man who rebuilt the pool, and Khun Gee, who is helping with many things around the place.  They walked around the house, looked under and behind things and tried to figure out why the water pressure fluctuates.  There are a few theories as well as mysteries.  Not knowing the path of the pipes going from the pump to the house is part of the problem.  I followed them around like a third wheel with broken spokes.  It was all in Thai and going by quickly.  Every now and then Gee would bring me up to speed and then they’d dive back into their native tongue.  It’s not over, the next episode will be Thursday.

Last night Daku stayed with us.  He did manage to spend most of today with Tatt.  Since it was raining, they hung out a lot.  We took Tatt with us for our ‘coffee run’ to The Wanderer and he had a fancy Cocoa with art on the top. We talked about his next adventure: the monk-hood.  Thursday he will go into the temple in Rayong, where his family lives, and begin his two week stay as a novice monk.  He will receive some basic instructions, have his head shaved, and then go through a series of ceremonies in front of family and friends.  This is something he has been anticipating for most of his life.  He will learn from the experience and his family will be very proud.  

Daku really loves Tatt because he plays with him, and I think they share a sense of ‘humor’ that most humans don’t understand.  Today’s photo is one of the goofy moments between these fast friends.

Late this afternoon we took Tatt to the bus station for his long journey home.  It's a 12 hour bus ride to Rayong.  He will come back for another visit in August, right before school starts.  

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“An unjust peace is better 
than a just war.”
~Marcus Tullius Cicero

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