Thursday, January 3, 2008


Due to technical difficulties, I didn't get the pics posted. Bear with me. Hmm, that's a funny use of the word 'bear'.
I can't believe no one remembered the song I gave you. Maybe you need to work out those new year kinks a bit.
"It's your life, and you can do what you want. Do what you like, but please don't keep-a me waiting, please don't keep-a me waiting, 'Cause I'm so tired, __ __ __..." Hint: If you don't know by know, you don't know.
We have a net gremlin who's been lurking around, shutting things off, then turning them on, teasing me. This morning I think I may have put him back in his cage. I've been linked to Jeff's network using Airport. We got a 'repeater' to try and get a steadier signal and things were looking up. Then it all failed. We couldn't figure out why. My 'web-master' has gone out of his way to keep us connected and I'm very grateful for all his effort. Computers want to know things, but don't always tell you what they want. Maybe it's me. (5) I don't know all the details of how everything works. Just enough to get me in trouble. Big fan of 'plug 'n play'. Do you know the 'details'?
Our dance card has filled up pretty good. There are open spaces, but it looks like the last half of our stay will be busy with lunches, dinners and rendezvous. If we don't get to connect on this trip, maybe next time. Oh, and you can always write me or spread your wings and Skype me.
One of the perks of our 'apartment' is the two dogs. Peaches and Lola are very smart, loving dogs. They learned pretty quick, that they are not to come inside. They do hang out, right outside the door when the sun is shining. Yesterday we were sitting in the sun, with Peaches under my chair and Lola at Lisa's feet. Nice scene. It's also practice for when we get our house. We're going to have two dogs. They will probably be big and little, rather than little and little (couldn't resist).
We're still gathering things to take back with us. We had a list before we left and I think we've kept it pretty civil. There are lots of things I'd like to take back, but the thought of having to haul the extra weight around the airports, keeps me rational. (5)
Looks like a storm is coming, and you know what that means. Super Digital Storm Watch Central, and lots of new terms to throw at us. The latest, we heard this morning, is 'Threat Level'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that jargon was for 'terror' not for weather. Like there aren't enough people in enough fear already. Oh well, they didn't consult with me, so whatever.
Try to stay dry, but have the raft ready and have a Thrilling Thursday.


"Work to become rather than acquire."

Gettin' Funky, Thai Style

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