Thursday, January 10, 2008


We're back in Culver City, and the 'tour' is slowly grinding to a close. We ended up going to Apple after all and getting Lisa's laptop. The whole day was a gas. First, we went to breakfast with Joe. Then we went by the Smith-Anderson gallery to see an sculpture exhibit that he wanted us to see. Wonderful works made of steel and painted with bright, colorful designs.
From our art adventures in PA, we cruised down to Cupertino with time to spare. We rode up and down the main drag, looking for just the right place to have lunch. We finally ended up having Hawaiian BBQ that was delicious. With still a bit of time left, we shopped for water, and visited a home tech store (who knew?) where we got some ideas. Right next door was flooring, so we looked. Lots of ideas for The Place.
When we finally arrived at Apple, my palms got sweaty and my voice trembled. Walking towards the giant glass entry had me anticipating a choral fanfare when I opened the door. Fortunately, none of that happened, though it would be pretty cool. We waited in the lobby for Bill, and when he finally came into view, from the 'other side', his wife and daughter came in the front door. It was a great surprise. Cordelia informed us that she is not CoCo anymore, but we heard her mom Rachelle, call her that. In my mind she's still Coco. Anyway, we got a chance to visit with the family and give them a few things. Lisa got a quick intro to her MacBookPro from Bill and instructions on the care and feeding of the battery. Batteries are something Bill know lots about, so we took it all to heart. If you ever want to deplete a battery fast, watch a DVD. Now we'll have to put something on one of our 'Books' so we can tell them apart. (5)
Oh, I'll bet most of you are still wondering about the song. Must be so, you haven't written with an answer. A few of the usual suspects wrote me with the write song and artist. Maybe you need the obvious, like the chorus. Go for it:
"__, why can't you be true, oh __, why can't you be true? You done started back doin' the things you used to do."
Hint: It's a classic.
Lots of business to attend to today. Hopefully, there will be some play time too. Craving a steady connection, I leave you now to look for a WiFi network so I can push 'send'.


"You might not know what you lost before it's gone.
On the other hand you might not know what you're missing until it arrives."

Gettin' Funky, Thai Style

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