Thursday, October 11, 2018



Our weather day was mild, without rain.  It did manage to get hot.  The afternoon was marred by a big burning session not far away.  Lots of nasty smoke this evening too.  Air machines are doing their jobs.

Our ‘Zany Day’ song this week is all about ‘self care’.  It’s by a band who got their name from a blues song.
“Doctor, please, some more of these, outside the door, she took four more.  What a drag it is getting old.  ‘Men just aren’t the same today,’ I hear ev’ry mother say, they just don’t appreciate that you get tired.   They’re so hard to satisfy, you can tranquilize your mind, so go running to the shelter of your __ __ __.  And four help you through the night, help you minimize your plight…”  Hint:  It’s about medical back-up?  Hmm.

This morning was busy as well as productive.  We began with a visit to Work@Home, where we had coffee and conversation with Katai and Towan.  There was dog talk, car talk, and an update on our trip to Bangkok.  We were lucky to see them at all considering all the traveling they do for business.  Our next stop was Central Plaza Mall again.  We went yesterday to get a new power cord for my laptop, but they wanted to see the computer, so we returned to get the cord.  For some reason, power cord reminds me of ‘power chord’ as in Rock & Roll (555).  See how my mind works?

Our favorite ‘bakery’ is on Jet Yod Rd. and that was our next destination.  From there it was an easy drive to the Clock Tower and over to the nursery for tiny rocks to put around the stepping stones in the back yard.  What a morning.

After our nap, we voted.  That is to say, we assembled the paperwork that has to be sent to the Los Angeles County office for our votes to be recorded.  We only get to vote for the office of President and Senator, so this time it’s a small bit, but important.  

Today’s photos were taken at The Big Brown House.  The first is one of two red palms in the back yard.  They have been with us for about 8 years.  The next photos show the new palm in the front yard.  First you see it as it was newly planted, and then with the Chopper Barrier that Gong installed.

Tomorrow is Cat’s 21st birthday.  This evening we took her to dinner at Melt In Your Mouth.  We had a fun time looking back over the last five years.  When we told Cat about voting, she told us how she has never had the opportunity to vote.  When she turned 18, the new government had ceased having elections.  Now she really wants to vote.  One of her mentor/teachers told her how important it is to be counted.  Hmm, growing up in Thailand.

Tomorrow we get our flu shots.  There’s never a dull moment around here.  Always something to do.    

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“Time you enjoy wasting,
was not wasted.”
~John Lennon

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