Thursday, October 4, 2018



Our daytime weather in Bangkok (BKK) was clear skies and hot, with a chance of rain in the evening.  It happened just that way.

The ‘Zany Day’ song has a lot of friends  We’ve messed with this tune before.  Maybe you remember this:
“The __ eyes began to wink and blink, he said, hold on, give me time to think.  The lightning flashed and the __ did speak, he said your Big Foot May, she’s down at Catfish Creek.  Rockin’ and a-rollin’….”  Clue:  There’s a color involved.

While packing for our trip, we found a sticker on our new suitcase.  It read: 

“In addition, the trolley luggage is made of ABS+PC material and thus in good toughness.  The trolley luggage has been passed serious physics test.”  

It’s good to have a trolley that knows physics (555).  After we arrived at Chiang Rai airport, we saw our friend Noy and hung out until our flight.  He and his wife Susan have a house in BKK as well as Mae Chan, and he was going down on business.  We shared dog stories and discovered that Susan had been bitten by one of their dogs.  We referred them to the trainer that’s working with Chopper.  While we waited we also took a selfie, which was fun.  We don’t do that much but it felt like a wild and crazy thing to do (555).  On our tickets we read these words:  "Gate closes 15 minutes before departure", but they don’t list a departure time. What?  We were a little disappointed with our airplane on this trip.  The seats didn’t recline, and the backs were bumpy.  It seems like the quality slipped, or something.  We still got to BKK on time and that’s the bottom line.

Mid-day traffic in BKK is very messy.  So many cars and motorbikes trying to move on roads not designed for the volume.  Our driver tried a few short-cuts.  Some worked and some didn’t, but he got us to our destination.  That seems to be the theme of the day, the arrival.  

Mala, James and Nita’s housekeeper greeted us and made us comfortable.  She fixed us grilled chicken sandwiches and then it was time to relax.  Later, Khun Boonrit, their driver, took Lisa to Villa Market.  It’s an amazing store with lots of Western food and some unusual items as well.  It would be nice to have one of these in Chiang Rai.  

At 5pm Lisa, Nita and I went to ‘Mandarin Ginger Spa’ for a long (90 minute) foot massage.  It’s one of the best that I can remember.  Boonrit and James met us there and we battled our way home through rush-hour traffic.  Now I know why I love Chiang Rai so much.  Simple traffic.  In BKK, there are streets that enter main thoroughfares at angles, and that sometimes complicates matters.  U-turns can be hazardous and motorcycle taxis dart between lanes and generally take lots of chances, with or without passengers.

Today’s photo is my DNA breakdown from  Interesting stuff.

Tomorrow is graduation day for Tatt.  

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“Moral courage is a higher and 
rarer virtue than physical
~William Slim

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