Tuesday, September 11, 2018



The weather this morning looked like it would be a typical, cloudy Chiang Rai day.  The afternoon got dark a little early and we had a repeat of the Saturday storm, complete with flooding yards.  It drained after a few hours and all is well.

The ‘Easy Monday’ song has lots of friends.  This beautiful love ballad by a six-man vocal group is still a favorite.
“What makes you think love will end when you know that my whole life depends on you (on you).  __ __ __, __ __ __.  You say you fear I’ll change my mind, and I won’t require you.  __ __ __, __ __ __.  How can you think love will end when I’ve asked you to spend you whole life with me (with me, with me)….”  

Our driveway at the street collects water during storms and it’s the major puddle on our road.  After Saturday’s storm we decided to do something about it.  This morning Khun Yee and his crew came to install a collector tank like the ones in the yard.  They will do something to make sure the water flows in the direction of the tank and we may put an end to this splashing nuisance.  

We have been avoiding the construction to the west of us for most of the week.  This morning, looking from upstairs, I noticed a bit of a traffic jam.  The sudden storm probably had something to do with it.  Digging trenches and then having them fill with water can be a problem for the crews that have to go into the trench.  Having grown up not even knowing where the water went in a hard rain, it makes me appreciate the planning that must have taken place so long ago.  Witnessing the installation of what was taken for granted in another life, is hard to describe.  Storm drains as a modern convenience is as close as I can get.  

Today’s photos are a couple more from the ‘storm series’.  Front and back yard lakes.  Now, where did I put that row boat?

We just saw a article about brand new buses that will be used to take passengers around the city.  It appears to be like a shuttle, with stops at the airport, bus stations, the mall and other points of interest.  For $0.60 US, it might be fun to ride the bus to the mall and not have to deal with the crazy parking lot.  

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“The past cannot be cured.”
~Elizabeth I

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