Wednesday, September 12, 2018



The forecast told us that it was raining in Chiang Rai, but that didn’t really happen.  This afternoon we had a ‘Thunder Concert’, but no real rain.  The driveway entrance drain system was completed, but we couldn’t tell if it worked.  Maybe tomorrow (5).

The ‘Easy Monday’ song was “Never My Love” by The Association.  It’s time for a ‘Zany Day’ song, from 1967.
“__ __ all in my brain, lately things don’t seem the same.  Actin’ funny but I don’t know why.  ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky.  __ __ all around, don’t know if I’m comin’ up or down.  Am I happy or in misery?  Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me.”  Hint:  There is a color involved.

This was an ‘off the grid’ day for us.  Since there was nothing needed from ‘outside’ and we were both feeling ‘under the weather’, we just stayed at home and chilled.  Lisa has what seems like the flue without the fever.  I’m on the outer fringes of something that seems like a bad cold.  So far, I can breathe and sleep isn’t a problem.  Small favors indeed.  We have been exposed to a lot of potential ‘donors’ lately so we just have to ride it out.

Nitchanan is still battling a similar ailment and has missed school due to a fever.  Today they went to the clinic at the government hospital, but it was too crowded so they have gone to see the doctor at his private spot.  This is the practice here.  Doctors work at one of two hospitals during the day, and then have their own private clinic in the evenings.  Even though Nitchanan isn’t feeling well, she was still up for visiting while we had dinner.  She brushed Daku (sort of) and brought us pillows for our backs.  She also tried to slip upstairs after dinner, but Natcha convinced her that she needed her to help close the curtains.  

Monday, when we went to Polar, a funny thing happened.  As we were about to pay the bill, the manager came out to give them a price and we had this moment.  She asked if we had met, thought she’d seen me before.  I said maybe, and then she said she wanted to take a photo with me, that she thought I might be famous.  Well, of course you can take my picture, and I am quite famous in my mind (555).  Lisa and I took a photo with Pim and now we’re celebrities at Polar (555).  

Today’s photo was taken at Polar.  There’s a whole jungle growing around this tree.

For those of you who keep track of these things, we have booked all aspects of the Winter Visit.  We’ll be arriving in Los Angeles on December 23, and returning to Thailand on January 10.  One thing I can say, with certainty, is that it’s always different when we get there.  That keeps it interesting, to say the least.

It’s gonna be a Wacky Wednesday.


“No need to think outside the box,
simply realize there is no box.”

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