Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Today was another weather ‘fake out’ day in Chiang Rai.  By mid-morning clouds were gathering, looking like it might rain.  In the afternoon it had blown away.  It was a happy/sad thing since we need some rain, but like being dry.  (555)

Looks like we have another winner with this week’s ‘Easy Monday’ song.  Let’s see if anyone else remembers:
“Pull them little strings and I’ll kiss your lips, __ __ __.  Snap your fingers and I’ll turn you some flips, __ __ __.  
Mmm, your every wish is my command, all you got to do is wiggle your little hand, __ __ __, __ __ __.”  Hint:  This  is not your typical Pinocchio story.

This morning both of the dogs got baths.  That always leads to the ‘crazy run’ where Daku dashes around the yard, BamBam runs, but doesn’t play, and they both roll around on towels to dry off.  It’s quite a show.  

After the baths, Blue, Lisa and I left the house with the intention of getting the van washed.  As we drove to town the sky began to change and the dark clouds had us thinking twice about it.  We decided to just go to Work@Home for coffee and tea and maybe visit with Katai, the owner.  We always have stimulating conversations when we visit and today was no exception.  In the course of the conversation, the giant statue that’s being built near us came up.  Katai told us that it is not a Buddha, but a Chinese Buddhist Deity named Quan Yin.  I later discovered that her name means: ’She who hears the cries of the whole world.’  The temple plays an active role in the local community by offering food and housing to at-risk young girls.  It may be time to go back to the temple and see what progress has been made on the statue.

This afternoon under clearing skies we returned to the downtown district and got the van washed.  Sitting in Doi Chaang Coffee, we noticed how the traffic is changing, and also the number of ‘visitors’ that are in town.  The ‘High Season’ is almost in full swing.  There are more big buses and tour vans around, and tourists on foot are easy to spot with their maps and back-packs.  Chiang Rai has many interesting sights to see, and the cooler climate offers a nice contrast to the heat everywhere else in Thailand.

Our photo for today was not taken by any of us, but was sent to Lisa by our friend Supalak, who owns the art supply store in town.  Every day she and Lisa exchange photos and a greeting using a program called ‘Line’.  Supalak sent these Purple Bananas and told Lisa that they grow in Thailand.  Hmm, something for the garden?

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“Focus on what matters,
and let go of what doesn’t.”

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