Monday, February 20, 2012



I'm back from my weekend in Pattaya. I had a great time and came home tired. The week got off to an adventurous start as you will soon find out.

Well, a few of you knew the 'Old School Friday' song. It was "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" by The Shirelles. Now it's 'Easy Monday' and a song I'm sure you remember. If you don't get this one I will wonder about you.
"__ __ __, lovely as a summer day. __ __ __, distant as the Milky Way. __ __ __, pretty little one that I adore, you're the only one my heart beats for, how I wish that you were mine." Hint: There's a little French involved.

The city of Pattaya was full of tourists and I stayed in the hotel the whole weekend. There was lots to do so I didn't mind not being out in all the craziness. I got to see lots of friends from many different countries. There were 'old friends' from Finland, Sweden, Australia, and I made some new ones from Ireland, Russia, Iran and Canada. We had many conversations on a wide range of topics. When I got home I got a very boisterous greeting from Daku. It's nice to be missed by one's dog.

Sunday night the screen on Lisa's laptop went black. Not a good sign. It was running but we couldn't see anything. Today, after my morning at the dentist and her's at the salon, we went to the iBeat store at Central Plaza to find out what was wrong. The conclusion was a 'broken' graphic card. It just quit working. Tomorrow we're going back and get her a new computer. They will transfer all the files into the new one and cyber life can continue.

We spent the rest of the day distributing posters and flyers for the exhibit this weekend in Chiang Mai. Wednesday the shippers will come and take the crates and deliver them to the gallery on Thursday.

The weather here has turned the proverbial corner. The nights are warming up. This morning I didn't have to put on a jacket to go out with Daku. It's been a little overcast, but warm anyway.

Have a Great Week.


"The real measure of your wealth is how much
you'd be worth if you lost all your money."

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