Wednesday, February 1, 2012



The day after a storm is usually either sunny and clear, or cloudy and threatening. Today we had the cloudy and it was warm and weird. Seeing the yard in the morning light looked like every leaf in town came to a party. The dogs were a little overwhelmed by it all and so were we. Oh, and the phone arrived.

That 'Easy Monday' song you may have remembered was "With A Little Help From My Friends", by The Beatles.
Our mid-week memory 'jogger' will be the 'Song of '77' and you may need a coat for this one: "You're as __ __ __, you're willing to sacrifice our love. You never take advice, someday you'll pay the price, I know." Clue: This group has been featured here before, but it still doesn't make them local. The song is about, well, a person of temperature. (5).

This morning we marched out, rakes in hand, and started moving the big leaves into piles on the front lawn. We were actually making some progress, but I know from past experience, that pressing on can only lead to back pain later. We did the frugal thing and surrendered to the yard. When Khun La arrived she went right to work. She spent most of the day raking and bagging leaves. By late this afternoon the place looked as though nothing had happened.

We ran the dogs on the yard of leaves and they actually focused on the ball. At one point the ball got lost among the leaves and a substitute had to be put in. The red ball replaced the favorite peach colored ball, but it didn't stop the dogs. Later, La found the missing ball and now all is calm on the home front.

The long awaited iPhone arrived today. After excitedly opening the box and peeling off the plastic cover, I got a little surprise. The SIM card from my current phone will not fit in the new phone. I needed a micro-SIM. Oh my, looks like more waiting. Nothing can actually happen until the card is in place. We went to Central Plaza where the main AIS store is located. AIS is the carrier I use and I was positive they had a solution. They made a micro-SIM for me and I put it in, but nothing worked. We walked around the mall and then returned to find out that they had to do a few things to the phone. I left with a working phone. Yea. Now I'm in the midst of trying to get the info from phone 1 onto phone 2 and I'm stuck. Or should I say it's stuck. One again, there has to be a solution so I'll just keep digging until I find it. Don't you just love technology?

It's a Wacky Wednesday.


"Believe as a child believes
and the magic will find you."
~Teresa Langdon

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