Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Let It


The days are getting longer, which means that it's not as dark in the morning.  It doesn’t mean that it’s not still cold. It's the kind of cold one comments on.  We’re in that 30° swing when it comes to temperatures, so we speak of weather from both ends of the scale.  I guess that’s better than only having one word to say all day: Cold.

So far only two readers know the ‘Easy Monday’ song.  This is getting to be a serious pattern.  Here’s more:
“Me used to be angry young man, me hiding me head in the sand.  You gave me the word, I finally heard, I’m doing the best that I can.  To admit it’s __ __, a little __ all the time.  To admit it’s __ __, it’s __ __ since you’ve been mine…”  Clue:  A two word title describing an improvement in attitude. 

We arrived at Central Plaza Mall a few minutes after opening and found ourselves in a lane that only allowed us to drive into the spiral drive to the second level of the new parking structure.  Not what we planned, but now we know that there is lots of parking for future reference.  Once parked, the question was, where do we go from here.  We took the closest staircase and went down one level and we knew where we were.  Our mission was to eat lunch at the mall.  We had given Natcha the day off so she could take care of Nitchanan, who has a bad cold.  

After lunch at Sizzler I needed to relax my back so we walked a short way to Doi Chaang Coffee, where they have very comfortable chairs.  After the break we went down to iBeat (the Apple Store).  We didn’t do much, but it was still a lot of walking.

ArtBridge was our next destination.  The ‘member show’ that Lisa was in has ended so we needed to pick up her sculpture.  The hanging of the next exhibit was in process so we didn’t stay long.  It is all abstract painting and looks interesting.  

Sobroso was our dinner spot this evening.  We thought it would be crowded since it’s ’Taco Tuesday’ and they’re half off.  Not long after we got there it filled up.  The owner came out of the kitchen and we got to have a nice conversation with him.  When we told him of our various eating ‘restrictions’ he said they could work around them and modify some of the dishes.  Nice food, close to home.

The photo below is from the archives.  It was taken at the Chiang Rai airport in 2016.  This is a bamboo orchestra from one of the Akha schools.  The instruments are tuned and have what amounts to a ‘rattle’ that hits the main tube to create a tone.  It’s like a bamboo version of hand bells.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“If it comes, let it;
if it goes, let it.”

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