Tuesday, June 12, 2018



It was another beautiful SoCal day.  We have been enjoying the warm days and mild nights.  I especially like the fact that it’s dry.  I’ve never been fond of wet vacations (555).

The ‘Easy Monday’ song is still waiting for a friend or two.  “I’m with you my love, the light’s shining through on you.  Yes, I’m with you my love, it’s the morning of just we two.  I’ll stay with you darling now, I’ll stay with you till my seas have dried up.  I’ve been waiting so long, to be where I’m going, In the __ __ __ __.”  Clue:  Song had a distinct bass line and guitar solo.  Clearly a love song.  

In the morning we went to Venice Beach.  It has become a part of our visits.  There is something about being at the coast, even though not on the sand, that brings a feeling that only the ocean can deliver.  There is always something new to discover when walking down the ‘boardwalk’.  Many of the same vendors have been there for years, but the characters change from season to season.  We took our time, acting like the vacationers that we are, browsing in some of the colorful shops, and being impressed by a few performers.  We had coffee at the Boardwalk Cafe, where they have adopted a ’straws by request’ policy in an effort to cut down on the number of plastic straws that are polluting the ocean and hurting sea creatures.  At the beach, and all over town, the electric scooter thing is quite a phenomenon.  The system of riding something and just leaving it when you’re done is still a little puzzling, but it seems to be working.  

Today’s photo was taken at Venice Beach.  The tiny lobby entrance must have been quite an attraction many years ago.

In the evening we went for Japanese food with C-Bass and August.  Unlike me, the boys can eat anything, so C-Bass and I shared two plates that allowed us to trade some of the food so I could get what I needed.  Then we cruised the grocery store.  We also went on a little stroll down memory lane, so many things that we all remembered.

We’re on our way to LAX for our flight to San Jose.  From there we will drive north to San Leandro for lunch with the Cousins.  We’ll have dinner with Joe in Palo Alto and finally crash in Mountain View.  This trip, we’re staying an extra day so we can do more things with Joe.  Thursday we will all go to San Fransisco to see his current exhibition at the Far Out Gallery  http://www.faroutgallery.com/exhibitions-2017/.  

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“The past is a place of reference,
not a place of residence.”

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