Wednesday, January 20, 2016



I’m happy to report that it may be warming up a tiny bit.  Cold mornings into hot days requires careful dressing (555).

The ‘Easy Monday’ song was “Sherry” by The Four Seasons.  Let’s get to the ‘Zany Day’ song and see what happens.
“One day while I was eating beans at __ __ __, just sittin’ diggin’ all the scene at __ __ __, a chick came walkin’ through the door that I had never seen before, at least I’d never seen her down at __ __ __.  And I started shakin’ when she sat right down next to me.”  Hint:  The title is the name of a place where food is served.  It’s also the name of a hit musical based on many the songs this group sang.

One of the surprises we got on our return to Chiang Rai was a new set of lights on our bridge.  This may sound like a small thing, but when you’re traveling over a bridge at night, it’s nice to have a bright, clear view of things.  Even though it’s a short bridge, the lane closest to the center was a little dim.  Sometimes motorbikes don’t have taillights and you don’t see them until you’re very close.  The new side of the bridge has new, fancy lights and the old side has plain lights with a pinkish glow.  I vote for having the same lights on both sides.  Hmm, who listens to me?

Daku is not only a talented, interesting dog (555), but he’s also deep.  For most of his life he has been into meditation.  At first we thought it was a random action, but over the years it has been a very deliberate action.  Here’s a photo of a typical session where he might go for 10 to 15 minutes without moving.

We are still having a problem with ticks even though we’ve changed spray services and tried numerous non-poisonous sprays on the dog.  Tomorrow they will spray the yard again, hopefully with something more powerful.  We thought the ticks would leave when the cold weather came but they’re still here.  Part of life in the country I guess.

Time to check in on day 3 of tennis from Australia.  
Feels like a Wacky Wednesday


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; 
only love can do that.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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