Tuesday, February 6, 2018



It was another multi-weather day in Chiang Rai.  The difference in the sky between morning and afternoon is quite dramatic.  The air quality is also getting dramatic and has become a topic of conversation around town.

“(Stay the night) Need your lovin’ here beside me.  (Shine the light) Need you close enough to guide me, (For all my life) I’ve been hopin’ you would find me.  You’re the __ __ __ __.  Well, make a wish, baby.  Well, and I will make it come true.  Make a list, baby, of the things I’ll do for you.  Ain’t no risk, now, in lettin’ my love rain down on you.  So we could wash away the past, so that we may start anew…”  Hint: What?  You want a hint?  The parenthesis are sung by the background voices.

Yesterday morning we watched the Super Bowl.  That’s right, Monday morning football.  So weird being on this side of the planet.  Live events often come ‘live’, but without the commercials.  We have to go to Youtube to see the so-called ‘funniest’, etc. commercials of the game.  So far, the most meaningful clip is from T-Mobile.

This morning we went to The Wanderer for our weekly conversation with Joe, in Palo Alto.  We had a good talk, even with some WiFi difficulties.  Sometimes one has to find that ‘sweet spot’ for everything to work.  As we were leaving we spoke with Khun Kwan.  She told us about her butterfly project.  It seems that in the course of getting rid of mosquitos, local butterflies have suffered.  There is a butterfly man who is trying to create different ways of moving the mosquitos and save the butterflies, who are not only pretty to look at, they are important for the pollination of many plants.

Down the road from The Wanderer, we took these photos of a water buffalo and her calf.

Downtown in the flower market, things are gearing up for Valentine’s Day.  I don’t know when it became a ‘thing’ here, but it’s a major selling day for the vendors, not only for flowers, but for the stuffed toy merchants as well.
Maybe I can get some photos this year of the giant toys being delivered on the backs of motorbikes.

Have a Happy Tuesday.


“The purpose of life
is a life of purpose.”
~Robert Byrne

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