Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Funnies


The weather pattern is holding.  Overnight rain with scattered showers in the daytime.  It was still a beautiful day.

The ‘Zany Day’ song that nobody knew was “Three Cool Cats” by The Coasters   That means you get an ‘Old School Friday’ that will be easy (he said).  “Now you say you’re lonely, you cry the whole night through.  Well, you can __ __ __ __, __ __ __ __, I __ __ __ over you.”  Hint:  The title is four words.  There is a body of water involved.  There are numerous artists who recorded this song.  Give me an old or a new or both for ‘Extra Cool Points’.  It’s a ‘standard’.

Today we had a real adventure.  This morning we went to our friend Lisa’s house on Buffalo Hill and had an introduction to Cross Fit training.  Neither one of us have ever done this type of workout and it was a bit of a shock.  A good shock, but more exercise than we’ve done in a long time.  Lisa converted a small garage into a gym, with specialized equipment and room to move.  She has been doing this kind of workout for about 5 years and she explained things and demonstrated before we tried anything.  The ‘warm-up’ alone could have satisfied my need for a workout (555).  The real question is, how will we feel in the morning?  We’re going back on Monday morning for another round. 

While we were eating dinner, Gong and Neetchanon went into the pool.  It’s a good thing she doesn’t mind cold water, ‘cause that’s what’s in the pool.  The rain keeps cooling it off. 

The portrait below was taken by Lisa at Shong Cafe, up in Ban Du.

This weekend Formula One will be in Monza, Italy.  It a race with a lot of history, featuring turns like Ascari, Lesmos and Parabolica.  Zoom!

Have a Wonderful WeekEnd.    On to the ‘Funnies’.


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