Thursday, August 2, 2018



Chiang Rai weather has been relatively dry for the last 24 hours.  There was some rain last night and again this afternoon, but not the stormy, flood the yard kind.  The best part is that it rains when we’re at home.

This week’s ‘Zany Day’ song has lots of friends.  “I gonna take two weeks, gonna have a fine vacation.  I gonna take my problem to the United Nations.  Well, I called my congressman and he said quote: ‘I’d like to help you son but you’re too young to vote’.  Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do, but there ain’t no cure for the __ __.”  Hint:  The original form of this song was ‘Rock-a-Billy’, just in case you were trying to hum along but couldn’t find the groove. 

Mr. Chopper got through the night OK and was much more lively this morning.  He devoured his breakfast and was moving around like he was ready to play.  Learning the new limitations while wearing the hood is an ongoing saga.  Just when he thinks he can fit someplace, the hood stops his progress.  

A few weeks ago we got another lesson in pronunciation when we went to Starbuck’s at the mall.  Before the mall opens, most of the huge parking lot is roped off; I still don’t know why.  Anyway, there are parking stalls reserved for patrons of Starbuck’s, if you can reach them.  We approached the spaces and called to the attendant, simply saying the work ’Starbuck’s’ and he looked at us as if we were speaking an unknown language.  After several more tries and pointing to the stalls there was a light of recognition in his eyes.  ‘Oh, Stawbaw’.  Now we know.  Today, when we went to park I called out the name in the proper way and he moved the barrier on the first try.  Still learning proper translations of American words (555).  

In some parts of Thailand there has been a lot of flooding.  It’s from a combination of things, depending on the area.  In some parts, the rain has caused rivers to overflow.  In other areas the rivers have been overwhelmed by water released from dams in China and Burma.  In the Nan province, where we were two weekends ago, there was a major landslide that completely covered a portion of the highway.  Warnings have been given to ‘river provinces’ to be on alert.  We have been fortunate in our area because the rain is not heavy or steady.  The river is up, but that’s normal for this time of year.  Not living right on the river has it’s advantages.

This afternoon Gong washed and waxed the van.  It looks brand new.  Now, if it gets wet, the water will just roll off (555).  At least it won’t look as bad.  

Nitchanan sat with us at dinner again tonight.  She spent some time at the table and then found a little project.  It started with taking out the drink coasters and placing them on the table, then putting them back.  Then she decided that we should all have a pillow behind us, so one by one she brought the pillows from the couch and placed them on our chairs.  Her final act was to start closing the curtains.  She’s watched Natcha do this many times and today she decided to try it.  I couldn’t see her, but I noticed the curtain was closing and it was easy to figure out what was happening.  Totally delightful.  

Today’s photo is from Chiang Mai Holistic’s page.  Since I didn’t get a photo of the bowl room, I thought I’d share this one.   There are more brass bowls, but this gives you an idea.  The quote for today was seen as a wall hanging at the center.

Have a Thrilling Thursday.


“I suffered, I learned, I changed.”

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